• CBD NewsPhoto of China bans CBD products

    China bans CBD products

    CBD products may be banned in Hong Kong as the government adopts a “zero tolerance” policy on cannabis. Hong Kong authorities have proposed banning CBD products within the year, with the Security Bureau presenting a document to that effect to the Legislative Council in June. However, retailers argue that they should be allowed to continue selling CBD products, including beverages,…

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  • CBD NewsPhoto of Many CBD products would cause doping bans

    Many CBD products would cause doping bans

    A study conducted by the German Sports University in Cologne found that 30% of urine samples collected eight hours after consuming CBD supplements, foods and beverages contained banned levels from 16 tested for banned cannabinoids. “In the light of these data, comprehensive information and in-depth training of athletes on the risks associated with the consumption of cannabis products is crucial…

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  • CBD NewsPhoto of Kisumu bans political rallies at the CBD

    Kisumu bans political rallies at the CBD

    The Kisumu County government has banned politicians from holding rallies in the Central Business District (CBD) less than three months before the August 9th elections. In a statement Friday, May 27, signed by city manager Abala Vanga, the county government noted that his CBD property had been destroyed during political rallies. In particular, the county noted that the most affected…

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