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Could CBD help opioid users overcome addiction?

The opioid epidemic is one of the biggest and most costly health risks facing modern America. Yet, CBD Scientist Yasmin Hurd suggests that there is a way to overcome this epidemic. Yasmin’s research focuses on Cannabidiol (CBD) as a non-addictive, efficacious treatment option for overcoming opioid addiction. From scientific research to the history behind Cannabinoids, Yasmin shares how the unique characteristics of CBD could have meaningful impacts. Specifically, she shares how Cannabinoids affect chemicals in the brain which regulate anxiety and emotion. As such, in a large NIH-funded clinical trial with CBD, Yasmin is investigating CBD-based solutions in people with opioid use disorder.

Yasmin envisions a future in which CBD treatments can help individuals overcome opioid addiction to eradicate the opioid epidemic. Watch Yasmin’s TEDMED 2020 Talk, “Could CBD help opioid users overcome addiction?”


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  3. I don’t know whose side she’s on: the people – or the people in charge, but here’s my take. If CBD oil is proving to be as useful as she claims, which I do believe, her call for more clinical trials, puts the power of this natural plant in the hands of the beast. There is not one natural thing on our planet that is not under attack by pharmaceutical companies. It should already be clear that they will not tolerate competition from nature’s resources, nor are they motivated to create substances that can actually help people without causing addiction. They are profit driven & bordering on complete evil. The FDA would approve anything because they are not here for us. They are simply an arm of eugenic agendas across these industries.

    But if by chance they decide to take CBD on & add it to their long list of pharmaceuticals, they will manipulate & destroy all of its organic properties & potential. They are in the patent business & will never take a natural product, approve it & distribute it just for the sake of being good. CBD oil users would then be left in the murky underground looking for the real thing, just as they’re now doing with marijuana. I literally despise the forces dictating every move of our scientists & chemists. Imagine how much life saving information has been oppressed over the years…. Smdh.

  4. Psych talk engages quitter . Need more aloof unbiased opinion and test result. Names and labels like patient or disorder can be dropped. Need Results and honesty from drug people. Get to CBS paragraph.

  5. I totally think CBD helps opiate withdraw. In some cases THC. I’m 1080 days opiate free today, and CBD, and THC has directly helped me tremendously. The anxiety gets so bad that the THC helps me eat or I wouldn’t eat. I’m also in the process in helping others get through what I did. Thanks for the video ❤️

  6. Cbd weed is awesome and cheap af I just bought a pound of cbd weed for $100 now they just need to get rid of that disgusting stink weed has and this would be perfect lol

  7. I’m sorry but this is BS I’m on Suboxone and that doesn’t even work for cravings I’m still in hell and this woman thinks that CBD is going to do something?? No it’s not I took CBD last night and it did not help with cravings

  8. Is it a coincidence that when the US started to mingle in middle eastern affairs in 1980…

    …that reagon of the world was producing around 1% of the world's opioids…now it's upwards of 90%…

    …odd right..??

  9. With an serious opioid addict nothing is ever enough. Add cbd or any other drug and they'll just do it and more. My gf is killing her self with prescription opioid and I have no idea what to do. Government cracking down on prescribers just stops them from prescribing and the patients get cut off completely. There is almost no one willing to help addicts like my gf.

  10. There needs to be a better rehabilitation program! Some people cannot get help because these ridiculous rehab centers cost THOUSANDS of dollars to get into… and HOW CAN AN ADDICT WHO SPENDS ALL THEIR MONEY ON THEIR ADDICTION PAY TO GET INTO A STUPID REHAB CENTER????? It’s a sham. This world has failed.

  11. Taper off very very slowly , its the best and safest way, stopping straight away from using heroin with needles can kill you , a friend died on his 3rd night of cold Turkey from a brain haemorrhage, so please people TAPER OFF SLOWLY VERY SLOWLY. XX

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