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Chris Spielman helps open new Granville CBD business

GRANVILLE – All Rick Bauer needed to know what he wanted to do after retirement was see the improvement in an aging dog with arthritis and interest from former Ohio and NFL star Chris Spielman.

Bauer, retired after 35 years in the pharmaceutical industry, opened the CBD Health Collection on Thursday in downtown Granville, at 136 North Prospect St. Joining Bauer in the retail business and online distributor of products containing CBD are his son John Bauer and his daughter Ashley Bauer Marienau.

CBD, abbreviated cannabidiol, is a major component of medical marijuana extracted directly from the hemp plant. By itself, it does not cause “high” and is attributed to pain relief.

More than a year ago, Bauer saw the effects of CBD on his son’s dog, a female pit bull about 16 years old.

“The dog, she couldn’t move up the stairs at all,” Bauer said. “He had to carry her up the stairs. Now she can climb on her own and move up the stairs, a little slowly.

“I was very impressed with CBD. That made a difference.”

Bauer’s friendship with Spielman dates back to the late 1990s. He knew Spielman had struggled with the pain of his days at play.

“I contacted Chris because I knew there were a lot of painful episodes and I wanted to know what he was using,” Bauer said.

Meanwhile, when Bauer sought Spielman’s contribution, the former Detroit Lions player was looking for a CBD maker from Ohio.

“Chris had heard a lot of good things about CBD and called his agent to find a manufacturer in Ohio,” Bauer said. The moment was amazing.

Spielman, a partner in the new business, attended the grand opening on Thursday. One of the products, roll-on, is available under the name Spielman. The NFL spokesman said he took 15 to 20 over-the-counter pills a day to reduce pain before switching to CBD.

“It’s something I really believe in,” Spielman said. “I am a consumer of this. I know about the pain, it was a winner for me. If it didn’t work, I wouldn’t be here. It may not take away all your pain, but it removes the edge. “

“I became acquainted with the product through my colleagues at FOX Sports after complaining of excruciating pain from injuries sustained in my NFL career.”

Bauer’s son and daughter, John and Ashley, suffered their own injuries requiring painkillers.

John Bauer, a veteran of CBD mining and processing, suffered two crushed vertebrae in a roller coaster accident and also injured his arm in a car accident.

“It’s very exciting, jumping into a new, interesting phase in our lives,” John Bauer said of the new business. “We discussed (retail). We decided to have a physical presence in our neighborhood. “

Ashley, a member of the U.S. and Ohio national rowing team, the 2015 Ohio State Athlete of the Year, injured her ankle in 2014 but postponed surgery until the end of the season. She said she took 16 Advil tablets a day.

“It would be really nice to have CBD as an option,” she said.

Rick Bauer said the company’s product is grown on eight farms in Colorado, North Carolina and Nevada, with a manufacturing plant in Nevada.


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