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Kigi Naturals Launches Their CBD Business in the USA

New York, NY, July 7, 2020 — (PR.com) – Kigi Naturals: Accidental birth from doing the right thing out of necessity

After years of working as dedicated pharmacists serving thousands of patients and filling millions of prescriptions in their pharmacies, brothers George and Joseph embarked on a new journey, offering customers a more natural approach to healthcare. They believed that instead of being drug pushers, they would do a better job and take better care of their patients by educating them and encouraging them to try a healthier, health-focused and natural approach first. So they made the bold and risky move to put everything on the line and turned their successful pharmacies focused on drugs upside down and inside out, turning pharmacies into health food markets with a pharmacy inside and their customers liked it and they loved to feel better and learn from George and Joseph how to take care of their own health and well-being.

But the brothers wanted to do more …
They wanted all their patients to enjoy optimal health and then discovered and started recommending CBD products. The results and recommendations of clients and research were convincing and proved how effective CBD can be for so many people and for so many health problems. Everything from improving and maintaining the brain, mood, memory, anxiety, fertility, appetite, pain, insulin release, epilepsy, inflammation and more. In addition, George and Joseph have achieved great results by taking CBD supplements on their own. Unfortunately, as scientists, they quickly discovered that the CBD market was like the Wild West, full of weakened formulations and unproven and untested products, so they decided to sell their own brand of CBD products. Products that know first hand what is inside; how it is grown, extracted, processed and verified by rigorous testing. But as pharmacists, they have never produced or sold their own product before. So they recruit their close friends, Andy and Brian, to join them in their crusade. Andy and Brian have extensive business experience, and more importantly, they have had access to a network of reputable CBD manufacturers, manufacturers and laboratories so that the brothers can interview, verify and meet their stringent standards.

With their pharmaceutical and scientific experience, they will lead and confirm the selection process for obtaining the highest quality and most effective CBD ingredients for their products.

And together, the four, George, Joseph, Andy and Brian, gave birth to Kigi Naturals. Kigi Naturals provides the highest quality CBD available today.

Kigi Naturals; Raised in Colorado, designed in New York, created for humanity.

Kigi Naturals is now open and takes orders online at www.kiginaturals.com. Use the Andyg code when paying for a 10% discount on your order. Partnership opportunities are available. More information on the website.

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