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CBD Breakfast Smoothie

You can make this smoothie with or without CBD and it will not taste any different!

Breakfast Smoothie Ingredients

Berries (whichever are your favourite or most available) 
Avocado (or not)
Dark Leafy Greens (spinach, kale, chard…you choose)
Banana (I like to save mine for banana+egg pancakes)
Apple (mostly in place of avo for creaminess)
Protein Powder (whatever floats your boat)
Fiber (mine also includes omegas + )
Liquid (water or milk of any kind)
Ginger – peeled (something with heat (cinnamon) added, helps your body absorb the good stuff)

Yummy on warmers days 🙂

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  1. I remember 6 years ago after my Prostate Cancer Surgery my daughter use to make me very healthy smoothies . She would not tell me what she put in them but since then I have not been a big fan of them . Now she thinks it is funny and always asks if I want her to make me another one

  2. Love smoothies. I’ve never tried one with ginger. I absolutely agree CBD oil helps so much. I tried it for the first time last year and it’s helped me more than anything.

  3. Realise this is not the channel or forum for a Cannabis debate but for what it's worth I think the use of Cannabis in any form is contentious. As an older and ex medical person of many years I observed and interacted with many people who have partaken in all it's derivatives. From acute Psychosis, hypermania, amnesia and the like to the chronic/long term effects I've observed a myriad of side effects and compromise. I have and have had friends and family who were habitual and long term users who are now neurologically 'challenged'. As in dependent, agitated, forgetful, low concentration span and cognition to name but a few issues. My older brother was one of them where he was the aforementioned agitated, irritable and moody and could barely function without it and cost him at least two relationships. Others exhibited 'the lights are on but nobodies home' analogy. The amount of trauma and death via motor vehicle and other accidents with cannabis detectable in the system is often suppressed but wholly evident.
    I had a therapist who decided to start taking a similar variant to yours and the consequent visits became fractured, confusing and untenable. She became almost instantly forgetful, forgetting two consult appointments and seemed almost permanently euphoric and just plain 'out of it'. I know it's relative to each individual and the therapeutic applications would be deemed worth it to many but I worry for their long term neurological health. Sorry this is a bit long winded. I've never used cannabis myself, I take Benzo's for my cramps, spasms etc. (Incomplete C7).
    Love your work/channel.

  4. Ive had ms for 30 years now. I do CBD oil for years . CBD oil is more affective placed under tongue than injesting it through digestion system. Under tonge gets right to the blood stream.

  5. These videos make it so much easier for me to get more serious with my last stretch of losing weight. Ordered a juicer after watching this. I've got measured today, I dropped 30 kilograms in a short couple months. I've still got quite a lot of weight to get rid of (I was really obese, still am), and the less excess I have the harder it gets to get rid of it, so I'm fully committed to make this work. Paraplegic nutrition advice is very rare, so thank you for what you do!

  6. I use CBD as a natural muscle reliever from my spastic cerebral palsy, I live mostly on a blended natural smoothie diet as well. Because as wheelchair users, we can sometimes have restroom issues, so if I know what what goes into my body, it makes my cerebral palsy a little better to handle. I just subscribed and can’t wait to trade tips.

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