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How to infuse your gummies with CBD

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In this video I go over all the ways you can infuse CBD into our gummy recipe. I tell you the different ways it effects the recipe and which one is my favorite.

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Our Gummy recipe

Our tincture recipe

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  1. can i just decarb the flower? and mix that with the sunflower lecithin? and cook it together to add to the gummies or does it have to be keef? if i can use the flower… how much flower and how much lecithin? and how much of that do i add to your gummy recipe? sorry if there are too many questions.

  2. You are correct you are not an expert. Sorry, but this is a bad recipe. 1st off the point of lecithin is to increase the bioavailability of the thc/cbd. What that does is allows your body to absorb more of the thc/cbd so you get more of the an effect. Also you're using poor gelatin, you should use a gelatin that's a 250 bloom not that cheap shit. As well you should use citric acid it will make your gummies have a longer shelf life. Keif may be the worst form to use. Rosin works so much better. It just melts into your mix. You are correct oil based material is a bad idea on multiple levels. Your other video is correct in saying it not hard, but your recipe is lazy. I will put my gummies up against yours any day. I use jello mix, gelatin (250 bloom), sunflower lecithin powder, koolaid (same flavor as jello), citric acid, and rosin. Use a silicone measuring cup much easier to get all your gummy mix no waste.

  3. I too have followed many recipes, I like your clear, no nonsense, approach. The method I've been using doesn't measure the alcohol, I simply add enough to cover the weed, ground and decarbed, in a mason jar. My method has inherit inconsistencies.

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