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Decorating My Apartment ,DEALING WITH ANXIETY ,CBD OIL

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  1. Hi Bree ur too bless too be stress and I love ur house dress I need some they are comfortable and I'm getting that dining room set u have from Badcock furniture store it's so gorgeous

  2. Tell yourself you the sh**. Yes maam I need to say that to myself because I've been going through it mentally. Between being a mom and working and being a single parent I've let myself go!

  3. Loved your message! You hit the nail on the head. Sometimes we have to talk louder than the voices I. Our head. Thanks sis! Just found your channel from those gorge pics from your girls trip! New subby.

  4. Do you feel like redecorating helps with your anxiety? It does me… it’s like me being in my happy place , calms me down 😊💜 just thought I’d ask ! Because we are so similar.. In the things you do ! Keep being REAL for us .. we love your channel 💜👍🏾🙏🏾

  5. Hey I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety I really wanna try the CBD oil but lol scared of having a panic attack, how did you feel from trying it really would love to know. Ps.. love the red nails

  6. I do life coaching and mental health support. Many of my black clients feel like depression and or anxiety is a “white thing”. We are programmed to just “deal with it”. Not good. In my PHD CLASS, suicide for us has increased.
    We need therapy! I tell people to be sure to check on their STRONG friends. We need support too


  7. Hi Bree…I am so glad you are feeling better! I pray that in 2020..you can walk in and live in what is FOR YOU! I love your videos. BTW…check your e-mail…shameless plug…I sent you a msg a few weeks back.

  8. So it started with your cabin video. I thought i was gonna be totally annoyed w you… nah sis i love you! Love your positivity love your beautiful face love you! And im finna get some candles and red nails! Much love sis! Nobody talks about their anxiety and you just gave me life! New subbie! Vibing w you till the wheels fall off!

  9. I enjoyed watching you today . Your home looks cozy and beautiful . Love the color of your nails and your hair . And your lounge dress you had on when decorating your home , I wear around the house most of the time . That is my lounging vibe . They're sooooo comfortable . Much love

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