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CBD #93: EURUSD | Benefits of Risk to Reward | Forex Trading Tips | FxProNow.com

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In this Video I go over

EURUSD: D – BEARISH TP – 1.075 – 300+ Pips #Forex @TradingView

Trade #2 – EURUSD: Update #5

Point A: 1.141
Point B: 1.0885
Point C: Entry – 1.1149
Point D: TP – 1.075
SL – 1.125


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Intro to Forex: https://bit.ly/2MLVLcD
Session 1: The Basics of Forex: https://bit.ly/31MKJYD
Session 2: Chart Break Downs: https://bit.ly/2ZyZWKJ
– AU Chart Break Downs: https://bit.ly/2IXqPkX
– EU Chart Break Downs: https://bit.ly/2Y0OhEj
– UJ Chart Break Downs: https://bit.ly/2L2t3SJ
– GJ Chart Break Downs: https://bit.ly/2IXrBOT
This Week in the Market Replay’s: https://bit.ly/2Y2JfqL
Session 3: Sneak Peak to #YouAreTheIndicator Course: https://bit.ly/2Ktq46k
Stories of FxProNow Students: https://bit.ly/2KpF2du


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  1. Fxpronow-student-Dawn Ellis completed 2-13.I am noticing how the market goes up to a certain point passes the last hh or goes down with either 1/3 or a 2/3 and change direction again.

  2. FxProNow Student: Sameeha- Completed 17.2: 2:50 I see that the push to the 1.13 is also confluent with the monthly key level. Seeing that chart on the daily timeframe the monthly key level hit many past situations, does that give it more of a reason to reach to that 1.13?

  3. FXProNow Student: Sameeha- Completed 17.2: 3:50 Where did you put your stop loss for this trade? Did you take this trade with a smaller risk % just for a chance to still make some profit if price did head towards 120%?

  4. FXProNow Student: Sameeha- Completed 17.2: 5:50 I see that you drew the uptrend fib on the lower timeframe and then on the H4 both fibs are infused. I was confused before if you were able to do this but seeing how you placed it helped my understanding. Is there significance with the confluence of 120% and -27%?

  5. FXProNow Student: Sameeha- Completed 17.2 The journey following this trade from the past videos until now was cool to see and definitely helped a lot, thanks!

  6. FxProNow Student David: @0:51 I do get that hunch feeling at times, but then it usually conflicts with me following through with my analysis. What should I do in those scenarios?

  7. FxProNow Student: Rachel 3:18 How do you feel about new traders having that hunch feeling? Should we wait to trust that until we have more experience and just follow with technical analysis in the beginning of our trading journey or if we feel a way to follow it?

  8. FXProNow Student: Castle – Chapter 11- 8:20 – Speaking on the different timeframes and at 30m Tf its cool, but if hits 1hr Tf then eh or 4hr then eh, can you explain what you are talking about? I am not following what would be happening if those scenarios play out.

  9. FxProNow Student- Stephanie Thomas course: 7.4 EURUSD chart breakdowns. Would the markets going the same suspicious way at the time be the result of news or some type of event?

    Do you follow the news? If yes why? If no why?

  10. FxProNow Studen: Cassieon- 1:58– It looks like you're getting out of trades when the chart is rising and that's a bit confusing to me. I think it'll make sense later, but that's been tickling my mind since I started watching the CBDs

  11. FxProNow Student Eric. This is very good. I cool how you shared the "hmh" moment with everyone. You taught us to stick to our guns and set those stop losses. You kno Dat Like button gettin' smashed FaSHo!!! Thanks for the gems.

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