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Aspen Valley CBD Flower: Focusing on Quality and Consumer Safety

Many companies, consciously or unconsciously, place products on the market that are either ineffective or really dangerous. The low cost and ease of creating products with CBD isolate causes consumers to consume products that do not work as well as full-spectrum hemp oil (see “entourage effect”). What’s worse is that some companies will lie outright about CBD concentrations in their products. The lack of mandatory third-party testing has led to the finding that CBD products often contain significantly fewer cannabinoids than advertised. Unfortunately, these users continue from their initial experience, viewing CBD as a useless fad, despite research showing otherwise.

Although not required by law, Aspen Valley Hemp Company is subjecting its products to rigorous testing by third parties to verify the legitimacy of their claims. Aspen Valley uses only CBD oil from laboratories that are FDA registered, GMP compliant, ISO certified and USDA Organic certified.

In the case of the CBD flower, the market may be even less sophisticated. Farmers hoping to pursue a profit have increased production before they are fully prepared, sacrificing quality (sometimes to a dangerous degree). Careless farmers or those who have expanded beyond their means are known to use reckless harvesting and drying techniques to reduce costs. In addition, hemp growers are not subject to sufficient quality control standards, which allows some to abandon the application of appropriate preventive treatment of mold and other contaminants common in outdoor crops. These potentially harmful pollutants are widespread, especially when bad weather hits farms in the open, as was the case with the 2019 Oregon harvest.

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