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CBD #91: EURUSD | We Were Right! Entered Again | Forex Trading Tips | FxProNow.com

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In this Video I go over

EURUSD: D – BEARISH TP – 1.075 – 300+ Pips #Forex @TradingView

Trade #2 – EURUSD: Update #4

Point A: 1.141
Point B: 1.0885
Point C: Entry – 1.1149
Point D: TP – 1.075
SL – 1.125


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Intro to Forex: https://bit.ly/2MLVLcD
Session 1: The Basics of Forex: https://bit.ly/31MKJYD
Session 2: Chart Break Downs: https://bit.ly/2ZyZWKJ
– AU Chart Break Downs: https://bit.ly/2IXqPkX
– EU Chart Break Downs: https://bit.ly/2Y0OhEj
– UJ Chart Break Downs: https://bit.ly/2L2t3SJ
– GJ Chart Break Downs: https://bit.ly/2IXrBOT
This Week in the Market Replay’s: https://bit.ly/2Y2JfqL
Session 3: Sneak Peak to #YouAreTheIndicator Course: https://bit.ly/2Ktq46k
Stories of FxProNow Students: https://bit.ly/2KpF2du


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  1. FxProNow Student: Sameeha- Completed 17.2- 4:40 I always loved the fact that you could enter basically in the same trade twice to double profits, when do you feel most confident in doing this?

  2. FXProStudent: Sameeha- Completed 17.2- 6:03 With big moves like this it’s cool to be able to predict future entries, this was a great video to show how you can get into another trade within the one you’re already in. Good stuff!

  3. FxProNow Student David: it’s mad dope how I can watch each cbd and see ur whole analysis form over time. Enjoying the process 💪🏾

  4. FxProNow Student: Rachel 4:21 Would it be okay to exit out of that trade at the 23.60% collect that and then reenter with another trade after if it is continuing to go back down after it goes up for that little time?

  5. FxProwNow Student Charles. great analysis. I believe once I get to the section on fibonacci I will have a better understanding of your explanations.

  6. FxProNow Student: Sharon Richardson – Ch. 10 – No specific time, but how can we feel confident that it's continuing downward? What if it was making a double bottom like it just made a double top?

  7. FxProNow Student: Leon Sutherland – Completed section 12.4 – Beautiful to see how it play out in comparison to the analysis. Also another great lesson in patience and timing of when to enter/exit a trade.

  8. FxProNow Student: Zach Klink – 1:25 – When placing your fibs on the daily timeframe why do you use those points A to B and not one of the other moves in between. They look like they would be retracements to 38.2%. Are you just eliminating noise in between the real move?

  9. FxProNow Student Mike: So when Structure is on the Supporting path (Downward) wouldn't that become a loss in your Trade or am I moving and reading too much in Advance??? @Philip A Anglade

  10. FxProNow Student Kristen: I think I understand. On the lower time frames; you saw the break in structure and the higher timeframes you saw the broken structure, continuation of break and then the retracement.

  11. FxPronow student Chrys Calixte: Great explanation of how to zoom in on the lower time frame to see a point of entry. It's all starting to make sense. In addition the rational of entering another trade on the initial one.

  12. FxProNow Student Tara: I am not fully grasping how to find point A and Point B. I have watched the courses going over broken structure and trendlines several times. I have also watched these chart break downs several times. Not sure what I am missing.

  13. FxProNow Student: Sandra – Video #91 – Thank you Philip for all of your wonderful video explanations! Following the progression of your videos helps tremendously in understanding Fx strategies.

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