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CBD #90 – AUDUSD | How Do You Know When To Look For An Entry? | Forex Trading Tips | FxProNow.com

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In this Video I go over

AUDUSD – How Do You Know When To Look For An Entry? #Forex #TradingView

AUDUSD: Trade #3 – Update #7

AUDUSD: D TF – BEARISH TP – 0.66 – 200+ Pips #Forex @TradingView

Point A: 0.708
Point B: 0.667
Point C: Entry – 0.688
Point D: TP – 0.66
SL – 0.699


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Intro to Forex: https://bit.ly/2MLVLcD
Session 1: The Basics of Forex: https://bit.ly/31MKJYD
Session 2: Chart Break Downs: https://bit.ly/2ZyZWKJ
– AU Chart Break Downs: https://bit.ly/2IXqPkX
– EU Chart Break Downs: https://bit.ly/2Y0OhEj
– UJ Chart Break Downs: https://bit.ly/2L2t3SJ
– GJ Chart Break Downs: https://bit.ly/2IXrBOT
This Week in the Market Replay’s: https://bit.ly/2Y2JfqL
Session 3: Sneak Peak to #YouAreTheIndicator Course: https://bit.ly/2Ktq46k
Stories of FxProNow Students: https://bit.ly/2KpF2du


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  1. FxProNow Student Nova: this was good to see you fully break down everything you do before deciding to get in a trade. Since you are already in a few swing trades in this pair would you only intraday trade in between or would these turn into swing trades as well?

  2. Fxpronow student- Stephen- 12.1 favorite video so far. Slowed down described everything. I'm getting hyped. Its definitely sinking in. From entrances, pullbacks, fibs, engulfing patterns and phasing in

  3. Fxpronow student :Joseph This is so helpful on the lower TF 1HR you wait for BOS then you pull your fibs from Point A to point B and wait for point c . very helpful thanks phil

  4. FxProNowStudent: Vincent is there a reason that you went from D1 to H4 to H1 in this trade? I know you scaled down to see the structure of the trade or the BOS, but is there a reason you didn’t go from D1 to H1 instead?

  5. I love learning this! It is so exciting and I'm glad I'm doing it. Sometimes I have to watch a video again or rewind over and over until I get it but I do it because learning this is going to pay off in the end. And it's fun!

  6. Fxpronow student- Leanne – 13.6 – Can you explain further why that large candle didn't truly break support @2:40 since it closed beyond the level of support? I'm a bit confused about that part. Thanks!

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