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Learn How to Earn Money Online – CBD #86 – Maintaining Your Trade | FxProNow.com| Forex Trading Tips

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In this Video I go over how to maintain your order over time and how and where to place your stop loss as you are in a trade. Where is the best place to put your stop loss in a trade is the question we answer. Where exactly do you place your stop loss?

Trade #3 – AUDUSD: Update #4

AUDUSD: D TF – BEARISH TP – 0.66 – 200+ Pips #Forex @TradingView

Point A: 0.708
Point B: 0.667
Point C: Entry – 0.688
Point D: TP – 0.66
SL – 0.699


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Intro to Forex: https://bit.ly/2MLVLcD
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  1. FxProNow Student: Charles – Seeing how you move the SL in order to ensure pips in the trade was very informative, but the question I had was where is your TP in this trade? also why did you not just get out of the trade when the last bearish candle closed on the 30M timeframe?

  2. FxProNow Student : Jayson , 8:00mins… now let’s say you wanted to re enter. Focusing on that last level of support being broken. Wouldn’t you look for the pull back to that level of support, no break past it , and then bearish engulfing candles to show the continuation? If so , which time frame?

  3. FxProNow Student: Leon S. – After going through 17 chapters straight then taking a couple weeks off and now coming back and rewatching chapters 16 & 17, this is now making so much more sense than before. Patience, persistence, and passion really are key!

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