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How to Help Your Dog with Anxiety (Training Tips + CBD Blend)

How to spot if your dog has anxiety and how you can help.
(This video was sponsored by Honest Paws but my opinions on their product are 100% genuine.)
Link to CBD Peanut Butter Blend: http://bit.ly/33TZ8SU
Link to Blog Post: https://www.pawsitivedevelopment.com/post/how-to-help-your-dog-with-anxiety

Body Language
Dogs speak with their body and so the way we can understand if they are trying to communicate to us that they are stressed or anxious, is by looking at and watching their body language.
Signs that your dog may be anxious by reading their body language:
– Panting
– Trembling
– Shaking
– Drooling
– Ears pinned back/ a lot of tension in the forehead – scared, overwhelmed, stressed

How can you help with your dog’s anxiety?

One of my favorite products to help your dog with anxiety:
Happy Tails CBD Peanut Butter Blend by Honest Paws
(This video was sponsored by Honest Paws but my opinion on their product is 100% genuine.) I love this blend because it is mixed into a peanut butter made for dogs which is especially helpful for those picky dogs.
Something really cool about using peanut butter is that licking is actually a soothing behavior for dogs.
– Licking helps your dog relax.
– Keeps their mind occupied.
– The CBD in the blend will help your dog calm down.

If your dog loves food and your dog suddenly will not take food, this is a clear sign that they are stressed and anxious.
Help your dog by getting them moving with tricks and behaviors that they know, such as Spin, Jump, Paw etc.

Nose-work Games
The more your dog uses their nose and their body, this helps them get out of an anxious state of mind. Nose-work games like hiding treats and encouraging them to find it, gives them an appropriate and helpful outlet for their stress.

Teaching your dog a “Place” cue can be very helpful, especially with stress due to new environments. Use the same bed or blanket everywhere you go and practice relaxed behaviors on it. Your dog will learn to associate the place bed/mat with being relaxed, which can help them relax in new places.

Massage & T-Touch are great ways to help your dog calm down. Many dogs hold a lot of tension in their forehead and ears. Look up some massage techniques to specifically help your dog.

Sometimes a combination of these things can be the best way to help your dog with anxiety. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below! I’m more than happy to help.


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