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How to make CBD oil (Simple Recipe)

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In this video I share with you my recipe for CBD here on our farm. We use MCT oil and our own organic CBD hemp flower!

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  1. Great video and first time I've seen this magical butter machine! But what I don't get is why you still decarb in the oven? Oven temps and its indicator can fluctuate a lot so in a stable oil temp you'll have a much cleaner decarb! I do it with an oil thermometer in a pot to keep it at a constant of 230°F, and I suppose that's the thing the machine can offer you automagically as well 🙂

  2. And then off to the "healing store" where it's sold for $75 per 30ml vial that required 2-5 grams of flower and some oil to produce..
    I just got into buying the flower, trimming it, and making my oils and teas myself. So much cheaper. Basically pennies on the dollar compared to what I was paying locally and online.
    Thanks for the vid, man.
    It's like we're not supposed to know how simple it is to make this stuff.
    You da MVP.

  3. Would it be possible to make the oil in a convection oven instead of the magic butter machine? And what would the resultat be if I took 25 g of flower and just 1 cup of oil? Would it get stronger or would there be no difference?

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