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How Aspen Valley is changing cannabis consumer attitudes with CBD pre-rolls

This article is presented by Aspen Valley Hemp Company, which grows CBD flower that exceeds industry standards.

Move over THC. Aspen Valley CBD pre-rolls are made with high-end genetics and first-class buds, so cannabis users anywhere can incorporate them into their daily cannabis use. Although no one should choose just one cannabinoid to enjoy, Aspen Valley is on a mission to prove that the CBD smoking flower has a place in the diet of all cannabis users – giving them a chance at stoning. just not on occasion

CBD flower of high class for the quality to which consumers are accustomed

(Courtesy of Dillon Gross / Aspen Valley)

As cannabis is decriminalized across the country, consumers can begin to find products that help them achieve the perfect balance and live the life they want. Aspen Valley’s CBD flower, pre-rolls and cigarettes are designed to give cannabis users the opportunity to enjoy a premium cannabis product while maintaining clarity and productivity.

The company decided to create its line of premium CBD pre-roles, given the entire cannabis community. They give priority to all-natural and certified pathogen-free hemp in order to set the bar for the rest of the CBD industry.

While the CBD flower has only recently emerged as an insignificant part of the cannabis industry as a whole, Aspen Valley is taking the time to learn and invest in CBD in unusual ways. They work to bring science and genetic research to the forefront of the CBD industry by improving the profiles of cannabinoids and terpenes to reflect the experience that consumers expect from premium cannabis brands.

“In fact, there is no difference between high-quality hemp and first-class THC bud. We grow our hemp flower with thought in mind and consumption in mind. “Some people who smoke cannabis high in THC suggest that hemp can only be in the form of low-quality flowers, which is not true,” said the company’s CEO. “Much of this attitude stems from CBD’s poorly cultivated flower being sold in markets across the country. We adhere to a much higher standard. “

No vape required

(Courtesy of Dillon Gross / Aspen Valley)

Aspen Valley shows the world of cannabis that CBD Pre-rolls are and will continue to be a legitimate part of the industry when properly cultivated.

“We are creating varieties with a higher percentage of CBD and expanding the available terpene profiles. People can smoke CBD pre-shrink and experience the environmental effects of many cannabinoids, including lesser known compounds such as CBG, THC-V and others, while getting the same taste and quality that consumers expected.

As the vaping industry is currently in a precarious state, consumers who are wary of risky vape products or overly processed and unnatural formulations can turn to the CBD flower in its most natural and flexible form, the plant itself.

“Smoking is the simplest and most traditional approach to injecting cannabinoids into your body, and that will never change. There is something pure and classic in smoking a flower that you do not get in vape or tincture. There is a reason this is an ancient practice. There is an experience that goes along with smoking flowers that we want to maintain and continue to provide to our customers as much as we can. ”

Greenhouse innovation for first-class CBD

(Courtesy of Dillon Gross / Aspen Valley)

For Aspen Valley, there was no question of where they would start setting precedents for growing high-quality CBD.

“If you want to make the CBD flower a staple in the cannabis industry, it has to be grown to the same standard as everything else on the premium cannabis market. To do this, we use modified greenhouse technology and the Colorado sun for indoor quality, which is on the same level as some of the largest companies in the state. We use exactly the same methodology as the companies that grow THC. ”

Aspen Valley gives priority to the quality of its CBD flower above all, ensuring that it is free of mold and other dangerous excesses that can occur on flowers grown outdoors. This is a necessary and often overlooked step in the process. When tested, much of the CBD flower on the market contains levels of yeast, mold, mildew and even more related compounds that would never pass mass market testing. That’s why buying from a reputable brand is so important to CBD users.

“We care about the future of this industry and will not benefit the public in the absence of regulation, so we strive to follow best practices for high quality flowers. We are planning a future in which CBD must be grown at the same level of compliance and purity as any cannabis approved for consumer use.

CBD for the modern cannabis user

(Courtesy of Dillon Gross / Aspen Valley)

Aspen Valley is working hard on its flower to make sure that modern cannabis users are aware that they can always choose CBD pre-rolls as a way to enjoy one of the most beneficial plants in the world.

They refuse to cut corners because they already accept what people want from the modern cannabis experience. Whether someone wants to enjoy cannabis before work, during a chaotic day or relax at night, he believes that quality should always be there.

“If we are to assume that CBD pre-rolls are durable, we need to ensure the quality that people are used to in a premium cannabis product. We are here to raise the bar for our industry and cannabis users everywhere. ”

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