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Secrets of Top CBD Affiliates | Joy Organics Partner Tips

Learn what the top Joy Organics affiliates are doing to make money promoting the Joy Organics products from Joy Organics Affiliate Manager Stephanie Robbins.


We are going to talk about the great benefits of the Joy Organics Affiliate Program. With the help of our affiliate, Stephanie Robbins, we’re going to highlight the little-known secrets of top CBD affiliates on the market today. We will also help you grasp the basics so you will know what the affiliate program is all about.

So, what are successful affiliates doing?

All Top Performers Have a Website

The best way to get and create more commissions is to build a website and own it.

Successful Affiliates Have Email Lists

Successful affiliates have email lists and are marketing to those email lists. They’ve built trust with followers through these lists.

Don’t Just Focus on Social Media

Social media isn’t something you own like a website. It’s not under your control, and the owner of the social media site can change their algorithms at any time and make CBD obsolete. Carefully tread social media waters.

Diversify and Own Your Content

Create great content. Content is king. If you have good, quality content that helps consumers answer questions, it will build trust and you will be ok!

Monetize Your Traffic by Driving People to the Affiliate Site

Educate yourself on the subject matter. Educate yourself on the content. Educate yourself on CBD. This will make it so much easier to monetize your traffic and properly drive people to the affiliate website.

Build Relationships Before You Start Selling

If you share common interests with a client or company, you may connect easily. However, try not to jump the gun and dive straight into sales. Build up communication and trust between your companies before you start pitching sales.

Make Sure the Affiliate Company is Credible

Just because something is cheaper and easier to market does not make it credible. Invest the extra time and money to make sure that the company you are working with is credible.

To learn more, please reach out to affiliate@joyorganics.com!


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  1. Your content is awesome and it's really inspiring me to start my own CBD business. My name is Blaize (yes that is my real name lol) and I believe that I am destined to work in this industry to help educate others on the subject matter, I've never felt so passionate about something.

    I live in Delaware, close to Maryland and there are so many farms around where I live. Do you have any advice on meeting local farm owners?

    Thanks for your time and your videos!


  2. She's on par, would have liked it if she would have just been supplying the info. Reason being is. she can flow. I see a lot of knowledge.. social is king, right.on the approach.
    Sounds like she got burned or knew of someone. Which means. She's on par and only trying to give the best she can. She's not so much about pixels..and retartgeting…it's about knowledge and training the untrained or educating. she needs her own Channel. Could start her own company. So many variables. Ha wow she's on par with editing and adding to old content..hehehe.. impressed. Thought I was the only one doing this.. hidden secret.

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