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Which Canadian cannabis strains are highest in CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second most common cannabinoid found in cannabis – lagging only behind tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Unlike THC, CBD is not an intoxicating ingredient in cannabis, which tends to provide pronounced, functional effects without feeling “tired”.

Strains high in CBD and low in THC may be beneficial for users who need to deviate from the high and maintain a clear head while controlling pain, inflammation or other chronic conditions. CBD strains will also appeal to those who may be sensitive to any side effects of THC such as anxiety, paranoia or dizziness.

Below we summarize the details of the ads for dried flowers with high CBD content, placed in web stores with Canadian cannabis products for entertainment for sale.

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For this summary, we filter the lists of dried cannabis flower products by cannabinoid ratio, selecting only lists with high CBD and low THC, using the average of the cannabinoid content range given by each supplier.

Check out the top nine offers with the highest CBD content in Canada.

Tantalus Labs has its own version of Cannatonic, listed in BC Cannabis Stores with an average of 17.5% CBD and a negligible amount of THC.

The dominant terpenes differ from the typical Cannatonic variety; humulene, guiol and pinene are dominant. The seller describes the taste profile of this variety as “lemon sweetness with hints of earth cedar”. Available for a short period in November 2018, this list was replaced by a similar Cannatonic with an average CBD content of 14%, which lasted until January 2019.

Another suggestion from Newfoundland is the Emerald Health Therapeutics list for their Island Mist. Probably for his own genetics, the producer said in a press release that Island Mist “came out of Emerald’s broad seed bank through extensive screening and characterization.”

The most attractive feature of this proposal is the relatively high content of CBD (average 16%) and low content of THC (average 0.5%). The manufacturer states that this variety is able to produce a 40: 1 ratio of CBD to THC.

With an average CBD content of 15.5%, HEXO Terra is among the varieties on the market with above average CBD content that produce very little THC. The manufacturer notes that this proposal is a variant of CBD Remedy, also known as CBD Crew’s Z7, a Cannatonic cross with an Afghanistan / skunk cross from Mr. Nice.

The dominant terpenes for the HEXO variety are myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene, which probably give the product a sweet, earthy taste profile. Previously, the HEXO flower was only available in Quebec, but from July 2019 it is also available in Alberta.

The SQDC in Quebec’s High Park Farms has a high CBD content called Fleur de CBD, available under the Dubon Select brand, which includes an average CBD content of 15%, along with a small amount of THC.

Translated into “CBD flower” in English, the manufacturer does not disclose the genetics on the list, but lists a dried flower product in Alberta with a similar cannabinoid ratio, which they call Great North CBD, and notes that it is a unique cannabis variety. ” The dominant terpenes are myrcene, cariophilic and pinene, and the seller describes the flavors as “earthy and woody”.

Sold under the AltaVie brand, MedReleaf’s North Star CBD produces high levels of CBD with a negligible amount of THC. In both British Columbia and Ontario, there are North Star CBD lists with average CBD levels ranging from 14.5% to 14.75%.

With a high content of myrcene, lemon and both conformations of pinene, the seller claims that this dominant variety of sativa creates “powerful floral” aromas. This list is similar to the discontinued variety of the Dutch Sumo Seeds, called the North Star, their version was also high in CBD and was a combination of the Northern Lights and Afghan genetics.

Aphria has been managing this variety for years. They sell it as Tremblant in their medical store, and in the leisure market they call it Free (or Liberer) by Solei. The variety is actually Treasure Island from Sin City Seeds, a cross between Swiss Gold and the AC / DC phenotype of Cannatonic.

The breeder notes that the plant likes to make a 4: 1 ratio of CBD to THC, but the Aphria phenotype has a consistently high CBD content with a small amount of THC. This list ranks consistently between 13% and 14% CBD, with half a percent THC, and usually produces flowers predominant in caryophyllene, humus, lemon, linanlool, myrcene, and pinene.

Aurora calls their widely available version of Cannatonic, Temple. On average, this variety is reported to have between 10% and 11% CBD with half a percent THC. The cannabinoid content varies up to 18% CBD at the maximum end and up to 8% CBD at the minimum. The dominant terpenes for the Cannatonic version of the Aurora differ slightly from those mentioned above. Temple is high in micro, pine and terpineol, but like the others, the seller describes the taste profile as “sweet, earthy with obscure citrus fruits”.

As mentioned above, AC / DC is a unique Cannatonic phenotype attributed to California breeder NorStar Genetics. Slicing reliably makes CBD high and THC low, thus generating some popularity. The WeedMD version ranks on average at 12.5% ​​CBD, but ranges from 8% to 17% with a negligible amount of THC.

Like its brother Cannatonic, the AC / DC flavor profile is described by suppliers as “sweet” and “citrusy”.

AC / DC from Kiwi

Licensed manufacturer Maricann also has ads for their version of AC / DC on the market, ranging from 12% to 20% CBD, reaching an average of 16%, with 1.75% THC. Sold under their Kiwi brand from November to December 2018, this version of AC / DC was described as having a “spicy bouquet” of “earth and musk”, slightly different from the competition ads within this well-known line.

Key conclusions

The mean range for CBD dominant dried cannabis color is about 13.7% THC% + CBD%, which is slightly lower than the average for the range observed for THC dominant supply (17.8% THC% + CBD%).

Six of the nine varieties on this list consist of or are descendants of Cannatonic, and many are similarly described as sweet and citrusy with earth tones. If these flavors become redundant, there are many other varieties without CBD, but you may need to make some supplements containing cannabinoids. Many will have higher THC levels and lower CBD levels.

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