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What to Look for When Buying CBD Oil (Best Tips) • Roy Krebs

In today’s interview I get to speak with co-founder and CEO of open source supplement company called Natural Stacks, Roy Krebs about how tell if a CBD oil supplement is good or bad.

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He shares some tips with us on how to ensure we are getting a quality CBD oil in a market that is inundated with fake CBD oils and tainted CBD marketed products.

Roy is very passionate about maintaining transparency in labelling as well as honest sourcing of all ingredients.

We get a chance to talk about the lack of regulation in the cannabidiol oil supplement industry and how it gives rise to sub-par products for the sake of profit.

Natural Stacks prides themselves on sourcing only the best CBD oil products and lab-testing every batch to ensure quality. Something every company should be doing.

If you know someone who is interested in learning more about:

👉What are the different types of CBD oils on the market
👉Why is lab testing important
👉What is the difference between boutique and industrial grown hemp
👉What are the different extraction processes
👉What is full-spectrum oil and why is it superior to isolates
👉What role does omega-3 play in the efficacy of CBD
👉What is the difference between marijuana vs hemp
👉What CBD products do Natural Stacks offer
👉What questions should I be asking companies

Then this interview is for them.

I really enjoyed this interview with Roy who is back again with some great information to help empower us when buying supplement products.

I loved his tips on things to look out for when sourcing a high-quality CBD oil as well as how to spot a respectable company and read lab-tests.

Special thanks to Roy for joining me on the show.

Use the Natural Stacks CBD oil products coupon code – BIOHACKERSLAB – at their CBD products website naturalstacksplus.com to get a nice discount.

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  1. As a life-long insomniac, I’ve tried about everything to get uninterrupted sleep and have been curious about CBD oil, but unsure about what to try; thanks for this information.

  2. Great conversation, I wish I had seen this video before ordering two vials of CBD oil last week. However the company I ordered from seems to tick off many of the right boxes in what to look for, as per this conversation, for example they use C02 extraction rather than solvents.The company is "CBDistillery" the full spectrum 500 mg tincture. Anyone see any issues with this company and their products?

  3. Awesome episode!! I've been roving around the Internet trying to determine what the best CBD oil is for my health issues – exactly what I needed😄. Thank you so much😀!!

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