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York Co. CBD shops toss tens of thousands of dollars in product before midnight deadline

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) – In York County, CBD store owners say they are taking a big financial blow.

They learned on Tuesday that they have one day to get rid of the CBD flower, which is now considered illegal there.

“It’s a core part of our business,” said Jacob Stover of Rock Hill CBD Distribution. “That’s a major part of it.”

Hemp or the flower of CBD, says this store, accounts for about a quarter of sales.

“One man came in and he actually bought an ounce of a flower,” Stover said of Wednesday’s sales. “People come in, stock up.”

Stock up, because Wednesday is the last day this type of product will be on the shelves there.

On Tuesday, the York County Attorney’s Office said in a press release that it would be illegal to sell or have hemp flowers there, starting at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday. Oils or lotions are still good, but anyone with a hemp flower can be prosecuted.

“When you come in and say, ‘You have one day to get rid of it,’ it’s not only very, very offensive and frustrating, but it’s also infuriating,” Stover said.

That’s a big financial loss, say Rock Hill CBD Distribution officials. Their stocks, deposited at the counter on Wednesday, are worth tens of thousands of dollars.

In a statement, attorney Kevin Brackett quoted Attorney General Alan Wilson as saying in July that holding unlicensed hemp flowers was illegal in South Carolina.

Store owners say there was confusion because they heard about it from the media.

“It wasn’t clear what needed to be done,” Stover said. “When you don’t have an official document from the person telling you you can’t have this, or you don’t have someone who actually works with the government, it says, ‘Hey, that’s for sure.'”

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