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Tips for Getting CBD Merchant Processing for Your Business


I am going to talk about the keys to being approved for your CBD merchant processing for your online website. There are very few banks and companies that will work with CBD companies. Let me share with you the things that these banks are looking for so you will have more luck finding a merchant processor while you develop your website.


The number one thing banks do not want are any types of claims. Go to the Joy Organics website to see what your website should look like regarding claims. There should be no claims on your website. Don’t make any statements about anxiety, pain, insomnia, or any other health claims related to your product.


Do not sell any type of flower. Banks do not like to work with CBD merchants that sell flowers of any kind. It will cause immediate disapproval from the bank. It’s simply not a good idea. Do not sell a flower through your website. There is just too much risk involved, so it is best to be avoided.


Some banks don’t allow vape sales, so check with each bank before you choose to buy or sell vape products. Ask this question to your bank upfront so you don’t get stuck in a rough place. You want to avoid anything that could put you at risk.

Make Sure You Have a Customer Service Phone Number and Email Address

This can be regular or toll-free, but a customer service number is incredibly important. You will also need a customer service email address. The bank wants to make sure that customers will have a good way to reach out to your company so you can process refunds and returns and avoid chargebacks.

Refund Policy

Any bank will want to see your refund policy. Make sure you have a great refund policy so your customers and the bank will be reassured that they will get their money’s worth. It will also reassure the bank that you won’t have chargebacks due to refund issues.

If you need credit card processing or have any questions, please reach out to merchantservices@joyorganics.com. Thanks!


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  1. I really enjoyed your video about the banking. I knew about Marijuana flowers not getting accounts but I didn't know that CBD also. I heard by 2020 or 2022 the United States was going to remove Marijuana as a schedule 1 drug and legalize it completely. Which is awesome. Thanks for the Info 😀👍👏🍹

  2. I’m a registered nurse whose goal is to be a wholly devoted cannabis nurse consultant within two years. That being said, there is much research and development of cannabis. My approach would be evidence-based (otherwise I wouldn’t touch CBD with a stick). I live in Washington state where recreational marijuana is legal, which has significantly created a disservice to the medical marijuana patients. I would like to bring in adjunct therapy with cannabis for people with different medical conditions. But that being said I’m also recognized by the state to be a licensed nurse; would that change the merchants view? My profession, my license, my evidence-basis approach? Furthermore, my community is concerned about increasing opioid epidemic, alternative analgesics are becoming more and more acceptable. I plan on doing my banking with the local credit union. That being said, Do you still recommend keeping Cannabis verbiage and medical indicators off of my potential website (when I end up choosing to have a website; also, does that change with the bank’s decision process when considering one as a merchant? Thank you for your videos. They are eye-opening.

  3. I am having a hard time finding a payment processor that accepts startups with no minimum sales volume. Most are requiring a minimum of $10k/mo in sales volume. I am now on Squares 6 week wait list but really would like to find a backup plan.

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