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Harlem-based WOC-owned CBD business is changing the industry

Simon Gates introduces a new perspective for the saturated cannabidiol industry (CBD). Gates founded The Bade Collection while working as a full-time fitness trainer, suffering from chronic back and shin pain that affects her work and sleep. By enrolling in the WeWork Veterans in Residence program, she was able to revive the Bade collection, using sophisticated natural ingredients such as CBD derived from hemp.

“It was never my plan to start a business, but I started formulating natural products that would help me with the pain I had,” she said. “After he helped me, I started giving it to my peers. I got good reviews and then I decided to sell it. ” Gates says she has been looking for useful natural products that do not contain harmful chemicals.

In the process, Gates is also empowering other women, as the Harlem-based company remains owned by women and proudly works on an 80% integrative supply chain for women. “We supply 100 percent of our hemp, and more than half of our herbs and oils come from home farms owned by women. Gates finds that she and the women she works with know pain, as well as how it affects women’s bodies, and are best placed to start conversations about more natural solutions.

“I had the advantage of working as a fitness trainer, so I knew how to work to relieve pain. Gates combines her fitness knowledge with her cannabis-infused drugs while joining a white-male-dominated industry. “Many of the products you see in stores are owned by white men. I’m trying to rewrite this current image, “she said.

Like any new entrepreneur, Gates faced several challenges as he set up his business. “Getting access to relevant information for logical business start-ups was particularly difficult,” she admitted. “I’ve never worked in the beauty industry before. Also, finding a female mentor was difficult for me. ”

Knowing the challenge of having to find a mentor, Gates is determined to become available to other young women who are embarking on entrepreneurship. “I always make sure I attend all kinds of women’s business conferences. I also make sure to invest in the Harlem community. I participate in the WeWork Veterans in Residence program, run by Bunker Labs. ”

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