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Sleepless nights lead to CBD business – Albert Lea Tribune

Sleepless hours have some credit for two things in Jerry Collins’ life: his journey to CBD oil and the start of his business.

Collins is now just over a month into selling CBD products inspired by Delta 8 Vape and other products through Big Dream Organics, its Skyline Plaza store on West Main Street. “I couldn’t sleep, so I got up and applied for an LLC,” Collins said of the company’s inception. That’s how he got his name.

CBD or cannabidiol is derived from hemp, a type of cannabis that is not intended for drug use. CBD differs from THC, the main active ingredient in marijuana. In CBD products, the legal limit of THC is 0.3%. To find some of them, you can use these links to buy CBD gum.

CBD is used to manage chronic pain, as an anti-inflammatory and to help manage anxiety, among other applications.

“I think the anxiety is probably the biggest,” he said.

But others are also using it for the reason that Collins started using CBD about a year and a half ago: to help him fall asleep.

“Why can’t I get it anywhere in town?” He said, thinking.

0619.pic .health.CBD02 Sleepless nights lead to CBD business - Albert Lea Tribune

At Big Dream Organics at Skyline Plaza, Jerry Collins and Angie Obermeier offer CBD oils, ointments, gel caps, food, pet products, tinctures and energy drinks. – Sarah Kocher / Albert Lea Tribune

The exceptions were gas stations, and store co-owner Angie Obermeier said that if they didn’t work for you, you usually couldn’t go back and get advice on what would work better from a gas station employee.

That’s part of Collins’ goal with the store, he said: to be a source of information and education for CBD for the community. He acknowledges that he is not a health professional and encourages CBD users to do their research – including consulting their primary care physician – before trying CBD, just as you would before starting a keto diet, he said.

For its part, this study only includes the wearing of CBD products that have been tested by third parties and that provide laboratory reports of their products to consumers.

“Every CBD you buy, if you can’t get lab reports, you shouldn’t consume it,” he said.

When the business was opened, Collins said the response was almost entirely positive. He had originally planned to open in Austin, but someone asked him why, not Albert Leah. He said there was no answer and the idea of ​​shopping locally kept running through his mind.

At Big Dream Organics, Collins sells CBD oils, ointments, tinctures, gel caps, food, pet products, energy drinks and pre-rolled CBD flowers.

Customers will return not only for advice, but also with success stories, Obermeier said.

“They just make my heart happy,” she said.

0619.pic .health.CBD03 Sleepless nights lead to CBD business - Albert Lea Tribune

The store also offers pre-rolled CBD flowers and other products from a Lanesboro company. – Sarah Kocher / Albert Lea Tribune

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