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VERIFY: Does TSA allow hemp-CBD products and medical marijuana?

Can you now bring pot on planes? A tweet from over the weekend says it’s true. Our Verify team has the answer.


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  1. This also applies to the liquid rule through checkpoints. If I have a hemp-CBD infused energy drink for medicinal purposes, can I keep it in my checked bag or will they take it away? And what if it is in a metal can?

  2. great news yall ' i just took a flight from nc to Dominican republic & yes you can pass the thc cartrige and that i tries bringing 8 of them & everything went good nobody stopped me or askin or check my laggae bag i mean everything normal . as long that u dont put a big amaunt you good … just put them somewhere they can't not see it

  3. Trying to travel with half a cart. Separating it from the battery in my carry on. I’m putting the cart next to a small vape juice bottle and empty alto pods. Does this seem like I’m good

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