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Flying With CBD? TSA Says It’s Cool

As millions of summer passengers begin to pack their bags, the issue of taking CBD through airport security may be more of a concern than ever.

Here’s a little relief. On Remembrance Day weekend, the Transportation Security Administration announced that its agents would not bother you for a bit of CBD. As Marijuana Moment first reported, TSA has updated the “What can I bring” section on its medical marijuana website to indicate:

Hand carriers: Yes (Special instructions); Checked baggage: yes (special instructions). “

These “special instructions” are three paragraphs of slang that will confuse most passengers. Americans do not give special instructions. So below we analyze the written policy for you.

Analyze the TSA policy update

Text: “Possession of marijuana and certain cannabis infusions, including small amounts of cannabidiol oil (CBD), remains illegal under federal law.”

Translation: Sorry, folks, banning marijuana is still a federal law under the Controlled Substances Act. Call your congressman. This is insane, but technically you can still get caught up in CBD. We here at TSA do not, but other law enforcement agencies can.

We must follow the law

Text: “TSA officers are required to report any suspected violations of the law, including possession of marijuana and certain cannabis-infused products.”

Translation: We are a federal agency, we must obey the law, yada yada. But we have tons of discretion.

We don’t care about CBD

Text: “Products / medicines that contain CBD derived from hemp or are approved by the FDA are legal as long as they are manufactured within the provisions set by law under the Agriculture Improvement Act 2018.

Translation: Popular CBD brands such as Charlotte’s Web, which are sold in pharmacies, can go through airport security. The same could be true of new FDA-approved cannabis drugs such as Epidiolex. We are not interested in TSA. All we care about is the safety of airplanes. The Farm Bill (also known as the Agriculture Improvement Act 2018) lifted the federal ban on hemp, which is cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC. If you can extract CBD from hemp, as many companies do, then this CBD is legal under federal law. But some states still have old laws that ban hemp and therefore CBD. Like South Dakota. Where a man at Sioux Falls airport was arrested last month by local cops for possession of a bottle of CBD oil. These cops were called by a TSA agent. I’m sorry. Our bad. Will not be repeated.

Technically, you need a federal permit to grow and ship any CBD farm account, and those permits do not yet exist. However, it flies literally everywhere through online orders and personal transportation. We do not care. We are not the DEA or the FDA. We are TSA, read what we do.

We take care of the planes

Text: “TSA verification procedures are security-focused and designed to detect potential threats to aviation and passengers.”

Translation: TSA is overwhelmed with the task of keeping weapons and knives out of planes, people. We found 176 firearms in just 13 days this month, and 54 of those weapons were loaded, with a cartridge in the chamber, for God’s sake. Personal amounts of CBD – which do not have an addictive profile and a fatal overdose – simply do not rank.

Don’t push your luck

Text: “Accordingly, TSA security officers are not looking for marijuana or other illegal drugs, but if an illegal substance is found during a security check, the TSA will refer the matter to a law enforcement officer.

Translation: Don’t be arrogant. If you fly 50 pounds of marijuana and a TSA agent finds it, you go to the local jail and are likely to be charged with drug trafficking. If you are traveling with a small personal amount of CBD gum, we are not looking for it. And if we find him, we don’t care. Except for that agent in Sioux Falls. Again, I’m sorry.

If we find less than an ounce of cannabis – and you’re legally – it’s great too.

In addition, TSA does not like liquids, glass and metal – so save us all the time and avoid keeping CBD in these materials. Do not wrap a CBD flower in a joint and leave it hanging on your lips. Just be discreet. We all have a plane to catch. Good day.

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