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Included in our CBD Facial:

*Robust & relaxing Color Up Therapeutics CBD facial
*Skin analysis & custom protocol based on your unique skin
*CBD cleansing, exfoliation & mask with extractions (if desired)
*Hot towels
*Steam treatment
*CBD skin hydration
*Massage of the neck, shoulders, face, scalp, hands and arms
*Vital Body Therapeutics CBD leg & foot massage

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Our CBD Facial is a gentle, yet potent boost for your skin and soul.

We partnered Color Up Therapeutics for an evolutionary CBD facial experience. This carefully crafted CBD facial delivers outstanding skincare results while soothing your mind, body and spirit. Color Up Therapeutics is an organic line and gentle on your skin. It’s great for all skin types and highly effective for hyper-pigmented skin and aging skin types. 

Your facial will be custom crafted from the results of your skin analysis.

After you have settled comfortably into the treatment room at Zama, one of our estheticians will perform a thorough skin analysis. After discussing your needs, we will tailor your CBD Facial to meet your specific needs. This means that every product used and applied in your facial will be carefully selected just for you!

How this mind, body, spirit & radiant skin facial works.

Our CBD Facial includes all our signature facial touches: cleansing, exfoliation, mask, extractions (if needed or wanted), hot towels, massage, aromatherapy and hydration. With each step, your skin is getting an infusion of CBD, which stimulates your body’s ability to naturally heal and revitalize. CBD is particularly effective for skin renewal.  Additionally, CBD calms your nervous system which helps ease mind & body.  Learn more about CBD health benefits here.
Your facial includes a warm steam treatment, which softens your pores and prepares your face to receive the rich treatment and ingredients from Color Up Therapeutics. The steam will stimulate blood circulation, which adds to the renewing and refreshing properties of your facial. The warm steam also allows for deep cleansing resulting in softened, hydrated and rejuvenated skin.
You’ll love the additional holistic touches of your CBD Facial!

We won’t be just focusing on your skin! This facial is whole body and the whole person treatment. Relax and unwind with an extensive CBD massage of the neck, shoulders, face, scalp, hands, and arms! While your renewing CBD mask sets, you’ll get a detailed CBD leg and foot massage.

Our CBD Facial is your go-to treatment when your face and whole body are needing some love. You will walk away with a brightened face and renewed spirit. Let us pamper you and nourish your mind, body and spirit!

Book now! http://www.zamamassage.com/service/cbd-facial/


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