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The CBD Flower, Yes, I inhaled and Here’s What I Learned

Mint hill times blog image 2 1 The CBD Flower, Yes, I inhaled and Here’s What I Learned

The most common question we get is “what is the best way to take CBD?”

Through research, doing our own and reading all the available research, we tested the method of inhalation and we know that is useful to inhale. Although we understand that for many this method of delivery is a bit taboo.

For research, I wanted to make sure that I would try so that we could have the best idea so that we know the best ways to use the CBD flower.

For many, inhaling the CBD flower reminds people of the psychotropic sisters of CBD with high strains of THC. The fact is that you can smoke hemp flowers, low THC / high CBD strains or you can evaporate CBD concentrates with little or no THC entering the body.

As it turns out, inhalation is most effective mode of delivery and preferred by many because the body quickly absorbs through the lungs. The effects are almost immediate, making it a good option for anyone who needs quick relief.

When you inhale CBD, whether they are flowers or vape concentrates, the alveoli absorb the compounds immediately through the lungs, which offer a large surface area. CBD passes through the alveoli with each inhalation.

From there it enters the bloodstream and circulates in the body. Compared to other methods, inhalation absorbs higher doses of CBD at one time, combined with a faster rate.

So, in short, this is one of the cases where smoking actually offers health benefits. Come see the Green Team here at Get Me Some Green Apothecary. We also do CBD 101 classes online or in our store every month. Come learn with us!

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