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Can CBD Treat Opioid Addiction? | Consumer Reports

The popular cannabis compound may help some people wean off addictive pain meds, but here’s what you should know.

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  1. jesus christ, her severe pain with opiods is a 3 or 4?!? A good day for me on SEVERE OPIODS is a 7 or 8. STAY AWAY FROM METHADONE!! THEYRE CONCERNED WITH MONEY BUT OT ONLY NOT, IT CAN KILL U IF U USE A CPAP MACHINE AND YOU WILL NVR BE PRESCRIBED OPIATES AGAIN. My hsband started going to a clinic because we couldnt afford a pain management and him bying them off the streets almost ruined us. Once he was on Medicaid and started a pain mngt, he was stuck. his backbone was nearly ripped in half in an accident so hes not just s fiend. Guess what, he had a heart attack and isi on blood thinners which require a whole nother level just to get shots approved, Therefore, no surgeries or epidurals. We need help before he takes his or someone elses life because of the pain

  2. CBD, kratom and phenibut can help you kick anything! CBD actually increases the amount of opiate that is in the system and it also acts like suboxone does for benzodiazepenes (but phenibut will nuetralize and allow you to sleep). it completely stops stimulant withdrawal in its tracks.

  3. This sounds like a poor campaign done by big pharma trying to get into the industry and get their cut w their foot in the door…. she felt great after 30 days of taking CBD after withdrawals? It doesn’t take a scientist or researcher to tell you that you’re going to feel 100000 percent better regardless if you are taking CBD or not being sober for 30 days off of Opiates …. lmfaooo this is such a piece of HORSE ishhh!!! This video literally gave no compelling answers or data ymit’s like Big Pharma uses the same Director for every commercial campaign hahaha. I am ALL for CBD and am an advid believer but come onnn not one compelling data, study, or other/better testimonials to do CBD justice and spread real awareness. Man if I didn’t know about CBD and wasn’t an avid believer myself I would of been against this non informative prepubescent made BS you call of an ad. Nice try !!!! Pfizer we ain’t dumb now

  4. I’m a 31 years never miss a day but for one time could not find heroin no where I was sick for four days, I take 5-7 grams heroin day and doctors give me also 1000mg of Kadian plus 200mg methadone I do not eat solid foods for about 20 years, just liquids so from 14 years old to now and I’m 46 years old, why I’m still alive, I ask myself that all day.

  5. Its placebo. Alexander shulgin had to get a surgery once, and was given a glass of orange juice with sugar crystals on top and told it was morphine. He felt no pain and thanked the nurse, who told him it was all his own brain. He went on to create countless psychedelic and empathogenic drugs because he was so interested in this phenomenon.

  6. Answer isssss a big fucking NO lol. Cbd will not touch real opiate wd. It's a great product and will help later down the road but CBD during acute withdrawal is like taking a piss on a house fire.

  7. For gods sake .. no body needs opioid tablets just buy kratom if cbd does not work. Kratom is a leave and it’s hidden from big pharma… anyone who is currently using doctor death pills as I call them. Use Kratom But even Keaton is addictive but no way on earth is kratom as bad. I use it and it helps in many ways including depression… but I am not a doctor… but cbd much better but second kratom which is an opioid leave and has saved many opioid addicts Ives including heroin addicts… look it up and ignore the propaganda… there are 37 recorded deaths of Kratom and all those had mixed it with various other drugs …. opioid pills kill millions…. you can order kratom on line but it is addictive and use it correctly… research stories and this might help … like weed the big pharma don’t want you to use natural plants because they lose trillions

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