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How to stop drinking alcohol / How I FINALLY got SOBER/ CBD oil and sobriety

How I was finally able to stop drinking alcohol with my four step process and substituting cbd oil for alcohol. How to get sober. After trying for years to quit, I finally made sobriety stick for good after taking these four steps. How I managed my anxiety and became sober using CBD. Willpower alone will not help you to stop drinking alcohol. My journey to sobriety.

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Here are four things I did that finally helped me to quit drinking alcohol. I’ve been trying to quit drinking for years, but I was doing it out of willpower alone and that only lasts so long.
I finally found that I needed four elements to be in place for sobriety to stick for me.
#1 – I connected to a strong emotional reason to quit
#2 – I found out why I was drinking
#3 – I found healthy replacements (part of this was CBD)
#4 – I found the beliefs that were making me fail and I reframed them

How CBD helped me to quit drinking – blog post https://damntastyvegan.com/tipsadvice/quit-drinking-alcohol-with-cbd

Vegan recipes and lifestyle tips on https://damntastyvegan.com/

Music by Sachko https://soundcloud.com/s4chko/chillhop-instrumental-s-e-m-i-n-a-l

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  1. Thank you for recording this video, this is so encouraging!!! Trying to get out of the downward spiral myself. Do you have any side affects from CBD? I am a bit hesitant but really want to give it a go.. Thanks!!! And bless you 👏

  2. I have been TOTALLY SOBER for a month today! I went to my Doctor and was perscibed Naltrexone 50mg and it WORKS GREAT!. But its almost $4.50/day and it is a DRUG that can leed to Kidney/ Liver problems- its not a permanent solution PLUS it messes with my sleep duration (5 hrs ,instead of eight!)Wish me not Luck but God Speed; praying has also REALLY helped!Francis So I am open to ANYTHING that keeps me off "The Sauce"!

  3. The path to success is paved with fuckups! I need alcohol often it is a problem. Reframing is so good!! The endless exises and blocks Infront of those life goals. Yeah il live my dream life WHEN I stop. Fear of success/failure of success. I hope I can get that CBD here in Australia 🙏

  4. God led me to you tonight. My lab work was terrible today. As a binge drinker, I remembered CBD use to help my anxiety. My liver has felt the force of my depression through the years but with God and a few changes…. I feel better. Tku

  5. You’re a huge inspiration for me, I really can’t thank you enough for these videos. 48 hours sober here and I’m so inspired, I’m done feeling stagnant in my life. I’m done lying to myself saying that I will get sober “next week” my drinking has made my depression so unmanageable and I’m beginning to pull myself out of a really deep dark place. Thank you again for these tips, I can’t wait until I can get out of this really hard place.

  6. I identify with everything you said in this video. The next day guilt and worry about what I may have said is horrible. I’m starting this method today and I hope to join you all with an update with my success. Send positive thoughts, something has to change.

  7. Story of my life being a performer and introvert. Perfect recipe for developing a drinking problem. It also doesn’t help that it’s almost always free 😂. I’m giving CBD another try.

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