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CBD business is booming in southern Arizona

TUCSON, Arizona – You may have noticed that CBD stores open around Tucson or products sold around town.

Sales in these stores are growing thanks to rumors of powerful health benefits. The owners of your CBD Store say they are trying to fight the stigma of the stoner and say you don’t need a medical marijuana card to make a purchase.

CBD is advertised as a remedy for pain, arthritis, anxiety and many other conditions.

It is even used in cosmetics.

“This is a new trend because it’s great for antioxidants, free radicals and bloating,” said co-owner Simonet Mildebrand. “Because it’s an amazing anti-inflammatory.”

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Cannabidiol is a chemical compound found in both marijuana and hemp plants.

Businesses are booming across the country, including the opening of new stores around Tucson.

“So much so that we will soon open our third place, northwest up in Marana,” said owner Brian Mildebrand.

The 2018 US Farm Bill was passed in December. Hemp is no longer a list 1 drug and CBD oil can be purchased without a medical marijuana card. Mildebrand says his products will not make you bloat or have problems at work.

“Whatever scarce amount of thc9 is present in the plant, our company actually extracts all the THC, and we sell zero THC product that doesn’t show up on a drug test or urine test.”

One client said he no longer needed anxiety medications thanks to CBD.

“Less stress and less dependence on prescription drugs,” said Rose Powell.

Mildebrand says he hopes the old stigma around hemp and marijuana won’t stop people from feeling better.

“Maybe try a free trial,” Mildebrand said. “Come in and hear about the different delivery methods available. See if it’s right for you before you turn it off. ”

While Mildebrand says his products have zero THC sources of CBD, they may have more.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Office says the CBD is legal as long as the THC level does not exceed the federal limit of .3%. The Food and Drug Administration can cite and fine companies that openly claim that cbd can cure a disease or illness.

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