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Growing CBD Dominant CANNABIS STRAINS Overview

Today on Lex’s World we discuss growing CBD-rich Cannabis and what are the basics you needs to know before you get into it.


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  1. Apologies for the double notification this morning, all! Just had a small but annoying error in the video I opted to fix quickly rather than let go..

  2. What about hemp breeds? The ones crossed with hemp are all CBD focused. Wasn't it old grower knowledge that if wild hemp grew in your area you would get seeds with hardly any THC but looked wonderful?

  3. Hi I'm very new to this cbd oil I want to know which marijuana plant is the best to make the cbd oil as I'm going to try making my own . I just bought a bottle of cbd oil from the liquor store it was 61$ for 18 MLS it has 20% cbd

  4. Hey lex, I had a question. Lately I have been purchasing dank af looking weed. But then when I am smoking I don't by any means get high, could this be because the resin I see has loads of cbd on the buds rather than THC? I am so confused

  5. I don't know where you get that nonsense but if you keep the mother plans more than a year and keep cloning the genetics going to go down to the pooper.

  6. I heard letting trichomes develop to amber color, tends to produce more indica dominant effects in the flower, whereas cloudy trichomes produce a more sativa effect. This doesn't apply to CBD then, since you said don't let the trichomes get to an amber color?

  7. I grow CBD. I get tons of relief. I’ve grown 6-7 seeds. Never a dud. I did select a mother from my first run. It’s all 0.7 thc or less and 10-20% CBD. I think this video is most applicable to the 1:1 strains, where variability towards higher THC can really undermine the purpose of the grow. When growing 20:1 or 40:1 strains, CBD dominance is pretty much guaranteed. The issue is, are you 6-7% short of its highest CBD potential.

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