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8 Ways to Market Your CBD Business | Selling CBD Offline

Let me share with you some creative ideas that can help you market your CBD business offline or locally. Offline meaning outside of building a website & outside of having merchant processing that you would have to have in marketing that website


Here, we’re going to cover 8 ways to market your CBD business! By the end of this, you will know all that you need to know about marketing your business offline, through retail outlets. Here are a couple of the video highlights as well as your eight options:

Make a List of 50 Ways to Market Your CBD

You don’t have to check everything off the list, but keep your options open so you have a good idea of what you can do to get your product out on the market. Pick your top three or four and run with it.

Look at Where You Have Influence

A pet store owner would have influence over the pet CBD market. A person working in the Spa industry can market CBD to that demographic. Market in the areas that you are familiar with.

1. The Basics
Start with things like business cards, brochures, and flyers.

2. Friends and Family
The best way for a new business owner to market their product is through their own social circles. Refer your family to your products, then use them to reach out to others.

3. Host Workshops
Educational workshops are a great way to market your product. Get people to RSVP for exclusive sessions to bring in more customers.

4. Social Media
Promoting your products through social media is incredibly important in this day and age. For instance, if you are creating a local business, reach out to local Facebook groups.

5. Attend Networking Events
Look at all of the creative ways you can expand your circle of influence.

6. Sell CBD Alongside Other Products
Selling CBD alongside a business you already have is a great way to retain your customer base and create a pool of new CBD customers.

7. Sell CBD at Local Events and Farmer’s Markets
This is a great way to reach out to your community and showcase your products.

8. Sell CBD in Kiosks in Malls
This is one of the best, safest ways to sell your CBD. This is known as the #1 way to sell CBD as it has the lowest risk and the highest return.

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  1. Agreed! Local partnerships in the retail market seem to have the best traction. However, the wholesale distributor program doesn’t really offer me leverage when the retail owner(s) can go on your website and sign up for the same account as me.

  2. If I sell my products to a pain clinic, and they in turn sell them to patients, how can they do merchant processing? If selling CBD keeps me from working with most of the popular merchant processors, won't they have the same problem?

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