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Learn How to Read Charts – CBD #53 – EURUSD – (350 Pip Move) | FxProNow.com | Forex Trading Tips

Want to learn how to Trade in the Foreign Exchange Markets? Let me show you how.
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In this Video I go over
EURUSD: BULLISH TP: Swing to 1.172 – 350 Pips

We see price is still at this level of support on the Higher TF – Weekly
There is no signs of breaking it…
I am looking for this support to stay held and for price to push up at the least to 1.172
I found this by going to the Weekly and finding where should price get to, at the least? 38.2% – 1.172
My Fibs was placed from Point A being @ 1.24 and Point B being @ 1.13 our pending Point C is 1.172.
This is a swing trade. Different from most trades that I take.
This may take a good amount of time to get to our TP but clean 350 Pips is worth it.


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  1. FxProNow student Cisco chptr 9: 1:35 Since it's such a long move.. how would you have known that those bullish candles wasn't an actual uptrend.. I'm assuming you'd just have to wait until the next candle forms? my concern is if i enter at that point, would that have been okay essentially to make some pips ? you'd have to definitely stick around for a while to get to the TP right?

  2. FxProNowStudent: Leon Sutherland, ch8 – Patience is really a virtue lol… Nice to see the bigger picture and being in it for the long haul.

  3. FxProNow Student: Josiah – Chapter 8 – Seeing this shows the patience portion of trading you speak about early on in the course. Looking at certain opportunities for the long run instead of focusing on the quick buck as most do.

  4. FxProNow Student: Nasir – Chapter 8 – Being patient and confident using trading techniques can come in handy as to where you will be able to make more money in the long run if you stick to the principles and follow through with your plan. As opposed to trying to make a quick buck like alot of people do

  5. FxProNow Student: Anna-Kaye Powell – Chapter 10 – These videos are still confusing, because I don't know about half of what you're saying yet. Can't wait until everything comes together.

  6. FxProNow Student: Kristen Chapter 8.2 question at 3:05 – How do you know where you want to place your TP? How do you know that the price will go back up? Is it because the higher timeframes have done that before?

  7. FxProNow Student Wyman Hawkins Columbia SC 9/4/2020 Patience is a must i see as a winner . I still do not understand how or if you have all ready enter this trade on another Broker and how to go about that but am sure that will come a later date.

  8. FxProNow student: Teresa Why use the weekly timeframe for the level of support and break of structure for change of analysis? Why wouldn't you use the lower timeframe for BOS and for change of analysis? Wouldn't price change on the lower timeframes first before changing on the higher timeframes? Oh, I think that I just answered my own question. Is it that the lower timeframes maybe just a pullback? Thanks

  9. FxProNow Student: JusThink- i like how you truely pactice what you preach lol. Man patience along with tech analysis is very important when playing that long game

  10. FxProNow Student: Sandra – Ch. 8 – Video #53 – Not completely understanding when to get in and when to get out of a trade yet, but I will continue to "pay attention, stay excited, and keep learning!" 🙂 Thank you, Philip!

  11. FxProNow Student: Marcus Webb – Ch. 7 – Learning patience and when price is in major consolidation area, there will be a lack of trending, which means a lack of trading.

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