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Learn How to Read Charts – CBD #52 – AUDUSD (140 Pip Move) | FxProNow.com | Forex Trading Tips

AUDUSD – Small BEARISH – TP – 0.700 – #Forex #FxProNow
The main trend is a Downtrend on the Daily and Weekly TF.
With that being the case my main focus is the downwards pushes.
Only thing is we are at a level of support on both TF.
So with that being the case.
Entry – ENTERED – We have gotten to a Price Reversal Zone and we have gotten our Bearish engulfing .
TP – (-27%) – 0.7000
SL – 0.72050 – If price decides to pass its last H on the M30 TF I will close my sell and wait for the market to make a move because my real trade is the for price to get to the MAJOR level of support again and enter in my Buy for the upsides real move.
So, with that being said… For this full and long explanation check out the video… 🙂

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  1. Fx Pro Now Student Nova: seeing you flip through TFs showing how bias in a larger time frames can look completely different once you zoom into smaller TFs and how that affects what moves you decide to make has really helped me see the bigger picture in the charts. appreciate this!

  2. FxProNow Student: Leon Sutherland – Ch15- This CBD really helping me to understand the mindset when being on each TF. So, to clarify… If I'm starting with the weekly TF and identified the trend then working my way down to the daily, 4h, 1h, etc, and do the same for each… I can have a buy/sell on each TF based on that specific TF break of structure –> retest–> Entry –> and TP based on the FIB reversal zones on each TF?

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