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  1. Great fuckin video. Really hope this helps me. I’m 17 and ive tried every type of natural way to help me sleep but no matter what I do I can’t fall asleep for a long time. Thanks josh ❤️

  2. Good video but I would not recommend taking 5htp every day, due to 5HT down regulation. Also it does not cause serotonin release but is a building block for serotonin production. I would only recommend using it for a few days after using drugs like MDMA

  3. It sucks in college (at least for me), i have a good meal plan, good workout routine but the sleep aspect sucks, i pulled 2 all-nighters this week, and if i don’t pull all-nighters i tend to sleep 5 hours and if im lucky 6 do to the amount of work i sometimes get and/or exams i need to study.

  4. If one's goal is SLEEP, then you're likely using the wrong fish oil. Most fish oil has significantly higher EPA than DHA. However, what you really want (for a variety of reasons but especially for sleep) is DHA or a higher content of DHA than EPA. DHA supplementation has been shown to increase sleep quality and duration. It does so by presumably enhancing the effect of melatonin.

    Also, simply eating more fruit/veg is another easy method that will likely result in better sleep.

    Aside from these we already know exercise, ample sunlight during the day, exposure to red light in the evening, and cutting down on blue-emitting light in the evening (such as electronics) all have a positive impact on sleep. IN addition, many people have sleep apnea and don't even know it, which will definitely interfere with sleep. Studies show working out at night does not, but of course if you take caffeine/pre workout before your workout it likely will (best to cut off all sources of caffeine within 8 hours of sleep so it is completely eliminated from your system by then. Also, be aware that some supplements contain "theacrine" or "teacrine" and other stims that have a longer half-life than caffeine (I recommend looking up the half life of ALL stims you're taking so you know when it will be excreted by so you can have restful sleep).

    Godd shit as always, Josh. Keep the regular uploads coming!

  5. Mathew Walkers book is amazing, I'm about halfway through!
    It completely changed my perspective on sleep and how absolutely vital it is, whether you exercise or not.
    To put it simply, not sleeping properly is quite literally suicide, a slow prolonged suicide.

  6. Hey Josh, let's say you were teleported 2 months into the future, and found out that during these 2 months you hadn't lifted at all, been sedentary, and put on 6-7kg fat, putting you at around 18-20% bf probably, barely visible abs and pretty fat in general (basically what would be bordering a decent BF% to END a bulking phase on…) What would be your plan to get you back as fast as possible to where you were before?

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