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I’m back with a new facial treatment featuring Code of Harmony a CBD skincare brand located in Long Beach, California. This time I tried to keep in as much as the facial sounds as possible without music, unfortunately there are a lot of ambient sounds so it may be heard as well.
VISIT CODE OF HARMONY https://craveskincare.com/

01:44 facial begins

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  1. Videos with the music are better in my opinion, I know everyone has their own personal taste but there are few videos like this with music and many many specified ‘ASMR’ videos

  2. You know, I was all prepared to not like the ambient sounds, as I do enjoy your music choices very much. But I must admit, I find that I'm enjoying both types of vidoes. Thank you for your efforts.

  3. Hey guys, so I will defiently be adding music from now on, possibly include a few talk through ones with music, but the no music isn't working and from most of the comments I see that you enjoy the music. This was just because I was getting a lot of comments complaining about the music before.

  4. I never end up watching these cause I can't figure out what is happening 🤔 what is going on your face, what products are used, and what are the benefits of them? I hope you consider my comment as constructive feedback, love you Serein!

  5. I like the music its very soothing and relaxing and by looking at the video along with the music it prepares me for a nice rest like those asmr videos i know some ppl dont like those but i find them very calming and your facial videos always has that affect on me and idk the correct name of the two black massage instruments she used but it looks like something i definitely could use after having a stressed day u looked sooooo peaceful i was jealous lol

  6. Well drat! The music is what makes these facial videos so relaxing for me. Oh well. I turned the sound completely off because the ambient sounds were so jarring. I'm going to be perfectly honest. For me watching with no music is pointless, did not make me relaxed to the point of falling asleep and most of all did not make me want to look up this particular type of facial/products and find out more about it. That probably sounds harsh. But I REALLY appreciate you sharing your spa experiences. I just prefer them with music. Thank you!

  7. Have you considered uploading two versions of a video? An ambient one and one with music? It seems to be a highly personal preference and a no win situation for you. I watch art restoration videos and he will do a voiced over version explaining all the steps and then also upload the raw footage with ambient noise because (apparently) people find it relaxing. Obviously, I don't know how that affects views, algorithms and YouTube voodoo; just a thought.😊 love you videos and living vicariously through them!

  8. You cant please everyone, I like the ones with music and I actually like the ones where you talk through them as well like the organic farmacy ones. This with the background noise was actually my least fav, for obvious reasons like you stated. But I will watch them all. Your lighting/camera angles/quality etc are what sets your vids apart (to me).

  9. UPDATE!!! Just re-edited this video with soft relaxing music and whispered talk through 🙂 Check back soon it's uploading now!

    Hey guys, so I will defiently be adding music from now on, possibly include a few talk through ones with music, but the no music isn't working and from most of the comments I see that you enjoy the music. This was just because I was getting a lot of comments complaining about the music before.

  10. You have such a nice face that’s is visually pleasing to watch. I agree the background sounds are the phantom menace in this video.

  11. I honestly love the music so much better. That ticking noise was kind of driving me bonkers 😜. It honestly was honestly kinda awkward to watch 😕
    The “serene” ( no pun intended 😉), music would have been so much more enjoyable.

  12. Its totally personal preference. I actually prefer the sounds without the music, it seems more real life and like white noise. But what impresses me is that you will upload two of the same videos with different sounds for your subscribers. Now that's caring dedication. In the words of Wendy Williams, Serein you are the "friend in my head"🙂

  13. I wish i could get facials regularly but i just dont have the money for it. Good treatments products at home is about all i can afford. So i love watching this

  14. I don't mind the music since I am a licensed esthetician myself and I always have an idea of what's going on but I know it can be relaxing to others to hear those asmr sounds or being talked through the process of what's happening.

  15. Thank you so much for uploading your facials in full and without any music or whispering, etc! They help me get through the major stresses I am going through!

  16. Personally i prefer without the music it feels more true more real but with or without it is still very relaxing but maybe for the next videos you should ad the music but lower the sound and leave more of the actual facial sounds, it's just a suggestion i really appreciate your videos and hope that you will continue to post that regularly !😀

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