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Uncanna Full Spectrum CBD Oil: Part – 1

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When it comes to Cannabidiol (CBD) it seems there is a lot of misinformation or just lack of information. I didn’t understand it myself for quite some time. But I have slowly learned about it through some good friends. I’ll be honest through, with it in its infancy, it almost seems like snake oil.

Well, I’m going to embark on a journey of my own and see how and what it does for me. While the list of uses for CBD is long, I feel I could benefit from some of its effects. Namely the potential effect it has to reduce stress and regulate healthy sleep.

To that end I am going to be documenting my journey taking Uncanna Full Spectrum CBD Oil for about two months. Over that time I will revisit the subject and let you know how it does for me.

The company Uncanna is unique unto itself in that it is veteran owned. The owner found himself on a slew of prescription drugs the the military had prescribed him. That in turn led him down the path to Uncanna, a way for him to move past the pharmaceuticals to a natural and healthy life.

If you would like to join me, you can find the Uncanna Full Spectrum CBD Oil here: https://www.uncanna.com/collections/full-spectrum-cbd-3-thc

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*I am not affiliated with Uncanna, nor do I receive compensation from them.*


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  1. One of your videos that made an early impression on me was the one about divorce and catharsis. Near the beginning, you said something to the effect of “stress has never really been a part of my life.” I was like, this guy seems very very chill, but “never” stressed? Jesus Louisus. I gotta have what he’s having.

    So welcome to the club, I guess? Lol. As for the CBD/THC, I’ve smoked pot off and on throughout my life, but it’s never really fit me exactly. I maybe do it once or twice a year at this point. I’ve definitely had good and bad experiences, and wondered if some of those were just from interacting with CBD. I ended up getting a CBD vape pen a couple years ago, but it honestly didn’t seem to do much for me at the time. I might go on this journey with you and pop in with my experiences too, as the oil and company seem worth trying out.

  2. I hope it helps you out man. I can relate to being a stressed dad who doesn’t sleep enough with 3 children of my own. I’ve been eating really healthy, and losing all of my excess weight. Looking into red light therapy too but not sure if it’s snake oil or not. I’m interested to see what effects you have with the CBD.

  3. 👍🏽I've taken the cbd drops before but I didn't feel any different so I tried vaping it and the affects are definitely instant it does relax your body and it levels out your mind it also helped with my lower back pain

  4. How does it taste though? Last time I got CBD to help me sleep for finals season I could barely choke it down because it tasted like the most bitter green tea type taste. If this stuff is better quality then I will definitely need some.

  5. I feel very clear headed when I take it. I give my dog American Shaman water soluble for humans. It reversed gray hair, cleared up his eyes and he doesn’t limp anymore after he plays!

    Stack it deep!

    My top picks for health and nutrition miracles are

    American Shaman water soluble CBD
    ONIT Alpha Brain Nootropics
    Cryogenic therapy

    Your welcome!

    Your a good brofessor Ivan! Thanks for posting shit like this.

  6. I look forward to seeing how CBD helps you Ivan. Also, it's not just hemp that they get CBD from. Im in the industry myself, and we use the same type of grow rooms to grow cbd strains, that we use to grow the more profitable thc strains. I just thought you'd be interested to know. Good luck amigo.

  7. Kit, I too am starting my journey with cbd. Mainly as a topical use and occasionally with a drop on my tongue. Thank you for using your platform to bring light on cbd use, especially for community. 💪🏼💪🏼🍻🍻🖤

  8. Any side effects to memory? One of my friends that was in the military with me has turned into a total pot head, he claims its to help his PTSD (not sure how he got PTSD being a fobbit but i digress) but it has totaly taken over his life at this point. If he is awake he is smoking, he has totaled 3 cars while high and had to quit a high paying gov. job to avoid losing his security clearance to a surprise drug test. Anywho back to my orginal question about memory loss, I have seen my buddy go from a highly cognitive person that retains info effortlessly to being a borderline airhead that will forget a conversation 10 minutes after it happens. He refuses to admit its from the pot but it seems pretty obvious to me. Im interested in trying the cbd oil but not at the risk of my memory if cbd can effect it.

  9. You did an excellent job of explaining this product and how it differs from THC. I am hopeful the deregulation of hemp will allow "real" studies to seriously begin for CBD. I know people that swear by it and how much it has helped with various medical issues. I am old and live with zero big pharma in my life. Any natural medicine product that actually improves life is of interest to me. I will be following this series with increased interest. Thank you.

  10. Good for you I have a brother 38 yrs old suffered a server stroke an was paralyzed on his left side completely. An he got on it an its not even been 6 months an he's even back at work an he does autobody an paint. An you can't even really tell he had one. Good luck I'm a believer in it myself.

  11. Those are who are wondering about failing a drug test. UCanna Full Spectrum CBD has a disclaimer on the UCanna website that states do not use if you are subject to urinalysis. Their Zero THC Oil does not have that a claimer.

  12. Glad to see some awareness of Cannabis products being made but you should note that Hemp was outlawed long before the 70's, starting at the turn of the 20th century & officially being banned in the US in 1937 to be exact, when the Marijuana Tax Act was put into effect. Another great benefit of hemp products are that they make great building material, as well as writing material that rivaled paper products but unfortunately most people don't even know what it is nowadays due to an ignorant government bent on control. Great vid though, as usual; big fan of your channel.

  13. I hope this becomes a solution for you and yours. My family has been very blessed in this same journey. Our home life has taken a 180, most notably my wife's anxiety but also my back pain. She now has the ability to find a reprieve from her stress, which lets her manage it. I remember how shocked she was the first week, it was like finally stepping into the sun for her. It was hard for her to see the sunlight because she'd always been in the figurative dark and never seen her anxiety for how it really was. While it doesn't take it completely away it brings it down to where she can do something about it vs being controlled by it. I have had some luck with topical CBD balms for my kyphosis by allowing me to pinpoint the pain relief. Ymmv of course but I'm eternally grateful to have my sweetheart back and for more good days than bad.

  14. Hopefully it works out for you man. I hear it helps a lot of people and a few friends swear by it. Theres a lot of stigma out there about CBD oil and such and I think a lot of people need to just grow up. I might look into that Isolate that you mentioned awhile back. I've got the same lack of sleep stress induced deal because life sometimes likes to repeatedly kick you in the balls. It happens. So far I started taking liquid melatonin and it does work great under the tongue. It doesnt leave me all doped up and groggy in the morning either. It's only a sleep aid though. I'd like to say my anxiety level is low, but lately it's been more… moderate. I cant wait to hear how it works out for you. Hopefully it does everything you need it to.

  15. Like many hard chargers, I think we look to ways to stay strong and live the best productive life we can, along with being the best we can be for our families… With that said, I'm a number of years ahead of you on my journey… and recently discovered how much has changed within the food industry, and what steps I need to take to take in foods that are both vitamin and nutrient rich, in their most effective state, and to embrace the fact that I have developed a number of bad habits… All of which has been very subtle over the years… Who eats 6-7 cups of raw vegetable a day… yet in order to get the health I'm after why wouldn't I try to look for ways to improve the intake my body needs… Who hasn't sat down and had 5-6 beer's in an evening telling war stories with friends… My point is, that I would be cautious about taking something like this oil or in leafy form, if what it might be doing is masking the body's need for a more nutritious diet, to gain the benefits we are looking for… Just my 10 cent's worth…

  16. Im glad you made this honest video. Cbd is not very well understood and videos like this help normalize the product and gets good information out there. Ive been taking CBD 4-5x a week for about a year now with great results.

  17. I have been trying to find out if gov't employees can use it, and not worry about losing their job because one would not want to take man made pills.

  18. Even though it only has a .3% THC content. Would you still fail a drug test? I would love to get off of my prescriptions (anxiety) and go a more natural route.

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