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Looks Like Pot But It’s Not: Questions Surround Sale Of CBD Flowers – WCCO

MINEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A plant that looks and smells like marijuana has found its way onto store shelves in Minnesota. The CBD flower is extracted from hemp. This is the latest product that is said to help with everything from anxiety to seizures.

Inside the Hideaway in Dinkytown you will find jars full of CBD flowers. There are different flavors to choose from, such as Sour Tsunami and Cannatonic. One jar is advertised as made in Minnesota. And they sell pre-rolled joints.

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“I went in to get CBD oil and they actually had something that looked like marijuana, big tubs of marijuana for sale, and I was shocked,” said Wade Thomas of Arden Hills.

So what’s the difference?

Thomas couldn’t tell from the look. Put hemp CBD flowers and marijuana buds next to each other and it’s hard to see what sets them apart.

Wally Sakala owns a flower shop.

“It’s like a hemp flower. I mean, it really looks like marijuana, it smells, it tastes, the only thing is its effect. No effect. There is no psychoactivity in him, “Sakala said.

However, critics of CBD cannabis say products, including flowers, are unregulated and illegal.

A statement from the Minnesota Pharmaceutical Board said: “Nothing in state or federal law allows any hemp products to be sold for human or animal consumption.

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However, law enforcement officials say there is nothing in the books about it.

“We run a business. It’s not like a street market or a black market. It’s a real business, we obey the law, “Sakala said, adding that there is a growing demand for flowers compared to CBD oils or other products.

“People say, well, I’d like to have the actual flower instead of the actual things to handle, to make sure it’s the real thing,” Sakala said.

And he knows that the more he is outside, the more problems can arise.

“I feel bad for law enforcement… how will they say? said Sakala.

Thomas said he uses CBD oils for muscle aches and joint problems, but said he would not risk the flowers.

“It smells of grass, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable driving it in my car, so if they stop, there may be some problems. Because how can you tell a cop it’s CBD and it looks just like weed and it smells like weed, but there’s no THC in it, “Thomas said.

Sakala reports that police stopped one of his employees with CBD flowers. It took some time, but eventually the officer released the worker.

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The Minnesota Pharmaceutical Council warns that hemp-derived products may contain small amounts of THC and consumers may test positive for it when they pass a drug test.

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