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CBD for Quitting Marijuana

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  1. Just started using CBD oil today. It helps, but the urges are still there. However the anxiety, the restlessness and the depression definatley feels more mild and controlable. It might not work for Everyone and Ide say Exercise and sunlight is STILL gonna be something you wanna do. I wouldnt say to only do cbd oil. But it does help. Combo it with other alternatives.

  2. I'm on Day 3 without smoking weed. I got a cbd vape pen just to ease the smoking craving but I plan on switching to tincture once the thc  withdrawls lessen. Thanks for the kind confirmation that my stepping stone is in the right direction.

  3. I'm in college and have been struggling with weed addiction for the past few years. Weed usage often peaks at my age as you will see many college students being daily smokers. I've noticed the harmful effects of daily THC for a very long time now but had not had the discipline to stop until about a month ago. Most people assume that marijuana isn't harmful because it is healthier than alcohol. Although this is true physiologically, it has nearly the same level of psychological consequences. Sure, it doesn't make you angry and uncontrolled like alcohol. However, it does make you lazy, it effects your short-term memory, and it hurts your appetite (frequent smokers have trouble eating when not high). For someone who is driven to be the best version of themselves and wants to achieve maximum productivity, weed will not be your friend. If you are experiencing anxiety, weed can help you, but it will do so at the cost of these negatives that I have mentioned.

    CBD has been a life changer for me. I am able to dream again and get better sleep. I am much, much more productive. I am eating normally. I am also receiving the same anxiety-calming and euphoric effects of marijuana. CBD flower is very similar to marijuana flower and smoking it feels just like smoking weed. In my opinion, it is the absolute best thing to take to combat weed addiction.

  4. It's like o'douls non-alcoholic beer; it technically has a very minute amount of alcohol to not do anything, but can be a trigger for alcoholics because of the visual, the taste, and the way it is consumed. The difference is CBD has actual medical benefits but if it triggers you, that's ok just don't come into contact with it, the same way an alcoholic is triggered with non-alcoholic beer. If it's a trigger, stay away. If it's not, and it can help, then let it help. For those triggered by those using CBD around you, communicate that to them. They'll stop doing it around you if they are truly supportive. If they don't, then you will eventually, and reluctantly, truly know where real support is. I like this video because of how informative and supportive you are without making legit medical cannabis users feeling vilified. If legit users of medical cannabis respect those who wish to stay away from it, they will not only support it, but as a supporter should do, keep the triggers away. What works for one, may be detrimental mentally, financially, and, in very rare cases, physically for another. Which is why communication is important, whether anonymous through meetings, or privately one on one with those who will respectively listen and honorably act in your favor. Imo of course.

  5. can cbd help focus and be productive? i am on day 30 of quitting weed and nicotine and i cannot get anything done or be productive i feel like and its causing mad cravings bc i just want to chill and work

  6. I'm on day 8 of a 30 day detox from weed. I also quit nicotine at the same time so that isn't helping. I'm gonna grab some strong CBD to deal with the withdrawals which are ranging from mild to utterly fucking horrible. I'm feeling way worse mentally than physically. I'm not getting acid reflux or anything, no crazy headaches thus far. But I'm extremely depressed, anxious and paranoid. The only real physical ailment is shitty sleep, which which hasn't been full on insomnia, but poor quality sleep, chronic discomfort, waking up often on top of really weird vivid dreams and nightmares. I would not wish what I'm going through on my worst enemy.

  7. i tried tquitting a 10 year thc habit, dabs 10 times a day. Every single time i would feel like death. sweating, cant sleep, depression, anxiety, cant eat. This time i took 10mg of cbd (from government dispesary in canada) and its day 3, and i slepts the past 2 nights and have have zero withdrawal besides a little extra sweating. It is unbelivable how i didnt know this existed. Its like suboxone for weed addicts without the tolerance buildup.

  8. Dude everything about cannabis is sooo relatble, having it beofre bed, waking up having it going back to sleep. I have a CBD vale pen and I see what you mean, it's not a high it's just a nice calm feeling on day 5 of stopping and feeling great. I'll keep watching your videos, keep up the excellent work bro

  9. An important note with CBD for people trying to quit THC is to get broad spectrum and not full spectrum. Broad spectrum contains the majority of the cannabinoids in weed with the exception to THC where as the full spectrum contains all the cannabinoids in the plant and typically about 0.3% THC. Though this isn't much it can be enough to trigger a relapse in some people. Also when trying a new brand do a piss test about 2 weeks after starting to confirm that there really ins't THC in the CBD product you're taking. Best of luck! 🙂

  10. I use CBD oil just to help me with the stomach issues that come up after you try quiting weed. I personally found that it can help abit with nausea and help you get some food down if you're experiencing CHS symtoms.

  11. You look ripped bro thanks for the info. Im still struggling with weed abuse, so i'll try to quit using cbd this time.. im a heavy user for 8 years or so and i feel like im heavly dependent on it… im feeling anxious and nervous most of the time but still can't quit because im feeling depressed when not smoking.

    All advice is welcome thanks again 👍🏼

  12. I don't understand why he's naked. Is this supposed to be locker room conversation or something? Otherwise, thanks for the CBD info. I learned something new!

  13. For me, smoking CBD bud has been helpful in reducing my triggers persay.

    First few days of quitting, I would consistently reach for my bowl and just smoke n smoke it, but eventually when I realized I wasn't getting high I would just sortve naturally put the bong down.

    I believe the lack of gratification should help reverse my desire to smoke so compulsively

  14. I just smoked because i was so depressed after smoking for a month and tried to quit. It was insane…. Just bought a 3.5 of legal cbd. I never wanted to be a drug addict. When I thought i was in control it wasn't a big deal. But now that I know I'm not it is now. Hope it can be the way out . I know Jesus is the way out but i hope he wants me to do it this way. Pray

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