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I tried CBD for my Anxiety.

I tried CBD for my anxiety – and some other helpful coping tips!

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  1. Girl same….ive struggled with a lot of mental issues and I have severe anxiety also. I can barely leave the house, I have tried cbd oil and also vape juice since I vape now instead of smoking. I think cbd works great but it can be expensive, which sucks. I also meditate every night and go to sleep listening to my Zen station on Pandora. The struggle is real and I hope you find what works for you.

  2. Not to sound cliche, but coloring apps, the Breathe app on my Apple Watch, and my weighted blanket really help. Therapy & getting on the right medication have also helped so much.

  3. OMG I remember watching your videos all the time in 2013. 💖💎💘 I clicked on your channel today, but you only have 166K subscribers… 💕 I feel like you deserve more. 💝 I love your videos! 😇🤩

  4. I feel like most of the time my anxiety comes on for absolutely no logic reason… But I also have anxiety over small things like talking to or meeting people for the first time, or walking into a crowded room, or eating in front of people. It's hard because I just feel anxious all the time… 🙁 Some days are better, but the anxiety is always there and I can't remember a time when it wasn't… Then I start to feel sad because I can't seem to shake the feeling… I'm just a anxious, sad person… And I feel like I always will be to some degree.

  5. smoking alleviates anxiety… but of course smoking would eventually result in you falling from stroke which would leave you SEVERELY disabled for years… 🙁 i fell from stroke due to smoking a few years ago… obviously, i don't smoke anymore. anyway, if only i had known about CBD, i would have been able to quit smoking and i would never have fallen from stroke… i think you really are doing a world of good by informing people about CBD…

  6. Thank you for you experience I want now also try CBD 🙂 Thing is I searched a lot on internet to find a brand who delivers in europe(I live in Portugal) and i did not think it would be so complicated.. Hopefully i founded a very good website so i just want to share with you guys just in case there is people like me. http://www.plantandhemp.com Peace everyone <33

  7. I'm like you. I was diagnosed with anxiety at the ripe age of 13 and sometimes even the smallest little things or inconveniences make me feel like I can't breathe and want to cry but no tears come out. It really is a big struggle so I know your pain! I love aroma therapy candles and diffusers that change colors. Super satisfying and relaxing.

  8. I use CBD oil for my ADD that has continued into adulthood.. it really does help! I love that you tried it the less pharmaceutical chemicals in the body the better!

  9. Omg "taste like salad dressing… Mixed with like… Skunk.. 😂😂 omg I did that once I said to my boyfriend mhhmm I smell pot and he said that was skunk not pot I honestly think I just wanted to smoke when I get home 😂😂😂😂

  10. The things that have helped my anxiety so much have been challenging my anxiety (so doing the things that make me anxious to prove to myself over time that it's no big deal- "exposure therapy" if you will or in DBT they call it opposite to emotion action) coupled with the right medication

  11. I feel that I’m the only millennial who doesn’t have anxiety. Does this make me weird? I’ve never seen someone die in front of me nor anything that is highly traumatic. Is it also strange that even if I had a mental illness, that I wouldn’t wear it like a badge of honor?

  12. I have anxiety but never tried just CBD and I dont like feeling stoned (well sometimes i do lol). Ive heard about CBD but never thought about giving it a try until now. Thanks!

  13. Anxiety for me is like the moment when your chair is about to tip over while you've been sitting/balancing on it with only its two legs touching the ground (hope I explained that well? English is not my first language). I've never been in a car crash thankfully, your description sounds way more intense. Sending you love all the way from Greece Adria ❤️
    As for coping mechanisms… I cry to let the tension out. But crying also gives me a headache so…

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